I Could Do This All Day

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m terribly sorry for my absence in the blog-o-sphere today. Quite honestly, this is the first time I have been home all day and had a chance to sit down. Or do anything other than dance, for that matter. As some of you might already know, my former partner and I have begun rehearsing (aka getting back in to shape) for our studio’s annual “Big Show.” This year, we’re doing a spin on Alice in Wonderland and I couldn’t be more excited. Yours truly is the white rabbit. Yes, I’m going to be this little guy:


Pink ears and all. Anyway, I spent all day in the studio today. I mean 10am- 8pm. Fours hours of which were spent being thrown about, spun around, and picked up in pointe shoes. Oh, and I squeezed myself in a leotard one size too small. Unfortunately I am now somewhat immobile, and require assistance to stand up. I have my feet wrapped in ice packs in an effort to numb them completely and feel as if someone has beaten me with a baseball bat. It’s a great feeling. Tomorrow, we start again, but perhaps in a slightly more cautious manner. But I wanted to leave you with these snapshots of the day before I trudge off to bed.




Freeds. You crush my feet, but I love you.


Hey look! There’s a bunny, and a shameless selfie!

IMG_0945Dead shoes vs. New shoes. Not a fun place to be.

Thank goodness it’s almost Friday.



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