5 Things Wednesday

Guess what day it is?

It’s Wednesday everyone. It’s also CBEST test day- wish me luck! I hard the hardest time reaching back into my elementary school math for some of the topics covered on the dang test. I confessed to my students the other day that my mathematical skills now consist of determining how much the shoes are now that they’re 25% off, and how much I should tip the waiter. And, of course, counting to eight.

Without further ado, here are my five things of the week:


(I am amazed that no one at Target gave me a strange look when purchasing 10 pairs of Easter Bunny ears along with my makeup remover. They must get a lot of teachers. Wonderland wouldn’t be complete without baby bunnies. )

Processed with Rookie

(My Suffolk Spotlights. Hands down my new favorite shoes, especially since I managed to stitch them so beautifully in just 15 minutes before rehearsal. I’ve certainly come a long way with my sewing.)


(Two things in one: Earrings & Sunglasses)

Okay, everyone. I don’t want to hear it, I am aware that I look like a fabulous bug. I decided to jump on the fancy-reflective-aviator bandwagon. They’re just so darn fun. On another note, my mother gifted me the pair of earrings I’m wearing in the picture saying: “These make me look stupid and I feel conspicuous in them. Take them. Happy Valentines Day.” Gee, thanks Mom. I do love them, despite the wonderful sales pitch.

IMG_0930(A new favorite evening snack: tiny Haribo gummy bears.)

Please forgive the awful yellow lighting and drab background. It’s difficult to take a decent picture late at night at a Bart station….on your phone.

Thanks for stopping by!


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