Things Eva’s a fan of….

IMG_0667Hello everyone!

Today’s post is exactly what it sounds…a little bit about me! I’m not as big on lists as many of my friends, but I thought I’d try my had at them for a bit of fun today. While sitting at Rouge et Blanc in downtown SF one afternoon,  I came up with a list of my likes and dislikes, all random, but aimed to make them a tad more sensory oriented than most. Quite honestly, don’t ask me to explain, because most of the things on my list are inexplicable- they’re just things I’m drawn to (or quite the opposite) naturally.

Things I Am a Fan of:

  • Leopard print. Stripes. Polka dots. Separate or together
  • Champagne. Anytime.
  • Rainbow sprinkles. On anything
  • The smell of books
  • The sound of ice rattling in a plastic cup
  • Flannel shirts
  • People watching
  • The smell of freshly ground coffee
  • Stretching/sweating
  • Snapping my gum

Things I Am Not a Fan of:

  • The last sip of beer
  • Hypocrisy (but really, who likes this?)
  • Walking slowly
  • Timid handshakes
  • Men in flip flops
  • Too-big diamonds (gum ball machine jewelery, anyone?)
  • Being overdressed
  • Stiff hair
  • Chalk
  • Overhead lighting


Happy Friday, all. I’m off to dance!


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