Oh, hello Thursday.

Hi everyone!

Wait…I know it’s Friday. As much as I want to believe it’s Thursday, it’s not. Today is my last official day of Spring Break. I’ve spent most of it in the studio, or cleaning. And, let me tell you, if you’re ever trying not to eat that pint of Ben&Jerry’s in your fridge, go clean your toilet. You’ll never want to eat anything, ever again. Just saying. So, now that I’m entirely covered in dust bunnies, and my shoes are organized, I decided to take a little blog break.

I went out last night!

(Pause for reaction)

In all seriousness, a good friend and I caught the Academy of Sciences Nightlife event last night. Not quite Vegas level debauchery, but I have a feeling that it might have been for some people. By the time we left (around 9:30pm, mind you) we passed groups of women with their shoes off. And something that looked like a three person piggyback ride. I don’t even know. All in all, it was a pretty fun night- one of those rare events that you can take almost anyone to. Throw some cocktails in the mix and you have quite a fun evening. On the other hand, I’m not promising that you will have any great scientific epiphanies. After one cocktail in the aquarium, staring at fish for much longer than is normal, I caught myself saying: “Look! It’s like those fish are on the ground. But they’re not…because we’re on the ground, and they’re in the tank. See.”

Am scientific genius. With degrees.

Anyway, despite this not being my first foray in to Nightlife, this was the first time I managed to take some decent photos, and see most of the exhibits in one go. The San Francisco Film Festival teamed up with Nightlife, and were having screenings in the Planetarium along with various independent film projections throughout the academy. There was also a lovely photobooth set up, with some of the best photobooth accessories ever. I naturally grabbed the bunny ears, and a ukulele (which I promptly forgot about). The results were hilarious, but shall never grace the internet should I have anything to do with it.



I found a lot of frogs. And took pictures of all of them. God knows why…


I couldn’t help but wonder: how many times do you think people have dropped their phones in the rainforest?




A reappearance from an old friend: the Ruby Basil Collins. It has a name! And was still delicious.


You can watch the fish and watch a movie! It was like a tennis match…



And, for all my little dancers out there: here’s a real baby giraffe. It’s pretty darn cute.

All in all, a successful evening. Up next, tackling the $8 mimosa brunch at La Penca Azul in Alameda. We’ll see how that goes.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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