I Have a Problem

Hello everyone!

My name is Eva, and I have a problem hoarding bath products. Specifically from Lush.


This isn’t even all of it…

Most of you already know this, but I thought I would come clean. (Get it, clean? Am horrible person, I know.)

I find FULL BAGS of things I bought months ago, hidden in my house for “later.” I have a drawer in my bathroom, composed entirely of bath bombs, bubble bars, and spare soap. Yes, spare soap. If the world’s supply of soap is devastated in some sort of freak accident, I will have enough to last me a whole year. I kid you not. My shower has also been taken over. Because, let’s face it ladies: you have some days where you want to smell like rose shower gel, and some days where you want to smell like lavender shower gel. In my home you will also find little scrubby bars, “body conditioner,” facial cleansing products, moisturizer, and massage bars. Some things I will decide are way too cute to use (anyone remember the Halloween pumpkin?) and just keep to look at them. Why? WHY??

Like this little guy, the Bunny:


Sadly, he met his demise yesterday, but I was left with a pink, shea butter-y bath filled with cornflower petals.

I find that there’s just something wonderfully therapeutic about having nice-smelling things  to indulge in every-once-in-a-while. Sure, consistently buying whimsical little bars of solid bubble bath can get a bit pricey, but they’re also about the same price as a happy hour cocktail while being much better for you. I additionally appreciate the emphasis the company places on doing business ethically; their products use only fresh, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. They promote charitable giving and are actively involved in a number of ethical campaigns, often to the point of designing products specifically for the purpose of bringing awareness to consumers. There was the ‘Shark Fin soap,’ to encourage the ban on the fin trade; the ‘Jungle soap’ to raise funds for the Rainforest Action Network ; even the ‘Freedom Foamer’ bubble bar for the Freedom to Marry campaign. It’s just cosmetics, really, but it’s so refreshing to support a company that has both fantastic products and something distinctly positive to say.

They’re my favorite.

Ok, so it’s to the point that the store employees know me whenever I go in to “stock up,” but there are much worse things I could do.

Just saying.


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