Typical Saturday…

Hello everyone!


I know I’ve been a bit MIA as of late, but I’m back this Monday ready to go! Sort of!
My Mondays are the equivalent of most people’s Sundays, I like to think that it’s one of the most productive times of the week for me. Which, by default, makes my Saturdays like Fridays. Try to keep up.

I desperately covet my Saturdays; it’s one of those rare days where both my friends and I have time off, and no one has to get up early for work the next morning. This also means that my Saturdays are filled with activities revolving around my favorite question (“What are you guys wearing tonight?!” or, on bad days, “I. HAVE.NOTHING.TO.WEAR.”), which subsequently turns in to a night spent hunting for my girlfriends in some ridiculous venue where the music is much too loud. I’m well aware that I will soon be too old for this behavior to become an acceptable weekly activity. In the meantime, I plan on wearing my most impractical shoes, not bringing a jacket, and staying out much later than initially planned. I’m at this odd age where half of my friends are married property owners, and the other half are drunkenly forgetting their phones in the back of cabs. Meanwhile, cheers to a girlfriend of mine who has figured out how to strap her phone to the inside of her purse to ensure that this never happens again. The wonderful thing about living near so many great cities is that there’s never a shortage of things to do, or new places to explore. Following a long day at the studio, this last Saturday involved a little brunch with one of my most favorite ladies complete with blood orange mimosas. With a brief interlude of shopping and a quick nap, I drove in to the city while my friend did her makeup in the passenger seat. (Take note world: we’re intelligent, can multi-task, and show up on time looking more than presentable.) Possibly one of my favorite moments of the evening took place at Bergerac, where we watched a man in a leather butcher’s apron cut a large hunk of ice from a collection of ice blocks at the end of the bar. For a Manhattan, of course. You can’t have an artisan cocktail in San Francisco without a giant ice cube- it’s just not done anymore. After a drink, an aerial acrobatics show, and much dancing/running around, we deemed it a successful evening and eventually made it home. These activities are often repeated to varying degrees every Saturday- it’s good to have a routine, am I right?

I’ve sometimes received criticism for booking myself within an inch of my life. I’m going to readily admit that I’ve double-booked myself on more than one occasion. I almost always say yes to things that I’m invited to, regardless if they’re happy hours, dinners, or networking events. Honestly, I’ve never spent an evening out-and-about and consequently wished I had stayed at home. Even on the worst days, I can find a positive experience or interaction that makes staying at home in bed seem like a paltry endeavor. Look at it as life experience, at the very least. I’m going to sound like a broken record, but you’re only young once…


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