So this is what everyone is doing now, huh?

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Apologies for the terribly verbose title. (Newsflash: “Verbose” is one of my new favorite words. I use it often, and it amuses me.) Today, I wanted to write about a little phenomenon that seems to be on the upswing in my life right now. Despite, being 26-years-young, I still feel like a teenager, and yes, when my friends tell me they’re getting married or having a baby, I have a moment of slight panic before I realize this is completely socially acceptable. Are we even old enough to be doing this on our own?! Legally, yes. Socially, yes. But, I have to say, it feels a little strange.

First off, let me start with a disclaimer: I love my married friends. I’m so happy that they’re happy. It makes me feel positive about human relationships in general. And given that I love kids so much, am ecstatic whenever I get the “Baby’s On the Way!” announcement. It means I get a little buddy to play with that I can hand back when I’m done. I get to be the “Cool Aunt.”

But, let’s be honest, I’m closer to being a real life Karen Walker than wearing the big poofy dress. I am more than okay with that. Proud would actually be a better description. “Instead of ‘single’ as a relationship status, I prefer ‘independently owned and operated.'”


“Look everyone! Juice boxes!”

Now, I know that I’m not the only one that feels this way, just visit my favorite snarky blogger at #MyFriendsAreMarried. I also enjoy commiserating with my girlfriends every once in a while. Although things may feel a bit strange, it’s important that you go through life with a sense of humor, or else you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Change is a guarantee, and while my life may be all about me at the moment, it won’t necessarily be like that forever. So, if anything, I find myself taking advantage of the circumstances. Go ahead! Make fun of yourself. Be friends with the kids. Go to a concert in the middle of the week and don’t apologize. Buy shoes instead of groceries for a week. Who cares?!

Just be sure to call me so we can gossip about it afterwards.



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