Five Things

Hello all!

It’s another Wednesday, which means another Five Things from yours truly. This last week, I’ve finally caved and committed to an Instagram account. Which means you can now Instagram-stalk me under username “Watchmejuggle.” It’s been rather fun so far, and I do believe I’ve found the one corner of the internet in which selfies are totally acceptable. I’m still going to stand my ground, however,  and say that they are not acceptable in the following places: the bathroom, funerals, in the middle of class, or in the midst of any natural and/or man-made disasters. All those filters, though; they sure are fun to play with…


My festive Easter dress & hair. After posting this photo, I quickly discovered @instabraid. So fun! Back in the day, the braid was my go-to hairstyle. Who doesn’t like them? They’re relatively easy to do and look beautiful. Meanwhile, it took me ages to master the above fishtail.


I’ve been on a crepe kick recently. I had them on Sunday for breakfast, and for dinner last night! Granted, it was Taco Tuesday, but they’re like French tacos, right?


There’s no better way to spend a ‘mental health day’ than with a good friend and good breakfast. Should the cafe you go to have giant coffee cups, even better.


These are, hands down, the most beautiful garden roses I have ever seen. Snapped on the streets of Berkeley. I love their soft, cabbage-like shape. They remind me somewhat of peonies, which also happen to be one of my other favorite flowers.

Lastly, in fashion news,


Welcome Barbell Apparel! I came across this article on the Huffinton Post the other day and FINALLY! “Anti-Thigh Gap” jeans! This is such a brilliant idea and I’m so glad their Kickstarter campaign made this happen. I can’t tell you how many pairs of jeans that I’ve purchased have either been too tight on my thighs, or too loose in the waist! I’ve actually split my pants before, because they fit my hips and waist, but not my legs. It was embarrassing, to say the least. I’m really excited to see these guys on the market, and will definitely be keeping an eye out for them!

Until next time!


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