Five Things

Happy yet-another-Wednesday everyone!

I can’t pretend I’m not enjoying the unseasonably warm weather here in the Bay. It’s a beautiful day out and it seems everyone is out and about. This unfortunately meant I couldn’t make my ballet class this morning, yet I’m still optimistic about getting some dancing in today. So, without further ado: 5 things!

IMG_1550It was such a nice day out yesterday, so I decided to treat myself to the most sophisticated popsicle I could find: Gelateria Naia’s Bar Gelato. My new favorite is undoubtedly the Blue Bottle Coffee. It’s the adult equivalent of a pacifier. If only I had someone to shove one of these in my mouth when I woke up every morning. It might actually make me a morning person.

IMG_1518On my “lost” adventures in San Francisco last week, I stumbled upon a really curious fragrance line by the name of “Replica.” It’s goal is essentially to produce fragrances that replicate specific environments and the sense memories associated with them. My favorite had to be Beach Walk. Delicious.


A t-shirt, also discovered during last week’s wanderings about. Light as a feather, and so random…


Look! It’s a beautiful sunset with the beautiful city on the horizon.

Ending on a lighthearted note, I leave you with this:

 I adore comedian Jim Gaffigan. I also agree with many of his food-related tirades. If you enjoy this, I highly recommend you watch his stand-up “Beyond the Pale.” He’s the kind of non-offensive comedian you can tell your parents about and not be wildly embarrassed. Even better, if you have cool parents, they’ll understand.


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