Why You Should Make Time for Savasana, actually…

Hello everyone!


Alright, I know, before anyone starts, I am aware I’m not doing any form of yoga in this picture. It just took me about eight hours to find an image to match the sentiment of today’s post, a moment in the studio captured by the lovely Mary Lee Shalvoy. A moment between the moments of dancing. This is it, keep reading to figure it out.

I went to a yoga class recently and suddenly had an onslaught of thoughts that I wanted to share with you. You can call this an epiphany, but I wouldn’t really classify it as such, because it’s something I’ve inherently known for a while. I’m not here to preach, just to share an understanding really.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a sucker for the ridiculous videos of Jenna Marbles. A while back, she posted a video listing the things ” [Jenna does not] Have Time For.” Among the amusing things listed were: making the bed, updating computer software, and receipts. Ain’t nobody got time for receipts. The last thing listed was Savasana, the pose that comes at the end of most yoga classes, also known as “corpse pose;” because that’s exactly what one does: lay there, corpse-like with the exception that one is breathing. Somewhat morbid, actually; it’s  frequently touted as the most challenging pose there is. Yes, you are just laying on your mat, in your own sweat. Yes, I am aware that we’re all busy people, but hear me out. I’m going to defend it for just a minute…

Some of my most favorite moments in life occur after something amazing has happened. Dancers will understand this- think of the adrenaline rush you’re accompanied by as you run offstage at the end of a piece. Ladies, have you ever gone out and had a wonderful time, danced in wildly inappropriate shoes for far too long and then felt the contentment in finally coming home? Have you ever come in from a really cold night to somewhere warm and comfortable? That feeling- that’s like Savasana. That’s all it is. Oddly enough, it’s in the moments that you cease doing whatever it is you are doing that you can fully appreciate them. Some people can wax philosophical or spiritual about the whole thing, yet that’s my understanding. Those moments in life are rejuvenating, or else why would we keep going? We would stay locked in our homes and our shells until we wasted away. Sometimes it’s harder than others- on bad days I’ve lain down at the end of class and felt those hollow, face-crumpling feelings that I’d pushed away all day come back to me. I’ve also had many other realizations that have helped me get through those kinds of moments. That’s all we can do sometimes. And breathe. Breathing is important.



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