100th Post

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

Today marks the 100th post on Watch Me Juggle thus far.

That’s (well over) 100 times that I’ve sat at my computer to write a little something, both for myself and for whoever out there happens to be interested in my quirky life. I had a different topic planned for today, but I felt the need to write something extra prolific. As I sit here eating the remnants of my doughnut from yesterday morning, I’m not entirely sure where to begin.

A while back, I came across a school project of mine from the 10th grade, a portfolio of sorts. In it was a resume, mock cover letter, examples of my work, and an essay projecting where I would be 10 years from now. I predicted that I would be a novelist Expat, with a BA in English, living in New Zealand. At 15, I didn’t honestly expect to still be dancing, least of all teaching dance, and I certainly didn’t expect that I would still be living in the Bay Area. Quite honestly, from my young introverted perspective, I didn’t expect my life to turn out how it has. I also didn’t necessarily want everything to go as I had predicted, because where’s the fun in that? I admittedly forgot a lot of the things that I was once passionate about, that were my goals when I was younger, yet some of those things simply manifested themselves in different ways. After a year of working a mundane desk job, spending way too much time writing carefully crafted emails to clients and perusing other people’s blogs on my breaks, I set up my account at WordPress, and decided to write one myself. As many of you know, shortly after, I decided to quite that job and go to New Zealand as well, which was possibly the best decision ever. The point is, I’m still not entirely where I’m going, but who is? There’s nothing we can be absolutely certain of. What I do know, or have figured out, rather, is that if you take smalls steps in the direction you wish to go in you might be able to find an even better path. It may not look like you think it will, but I can guarantee it will be yours, and no one else’s.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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