A Dancer’s Guide to Youtube

Hello everyone!

For a while, I’ve wanted to put together a compilation of my favorite dance-related pieces for my readers to enjoy. Now, this isn’t just any old rehearsal footage that you have to be a dancer to appreciate. The following videos are, to me, some of the must-see moments of dance. They’re the pieces I’ve shown to my friends who have, in some cases, zero interest/experience in dance. They’re the pieces that “ring my bell,” a little bit cutting edge, and also a little bit classical.

Watch and enjoy!

In the Middle Somewhat Elevated- William Forsythe

I’ve unfortunately never had the opportunity to see this ballet live. Originally choreographed for powerhouse Sylvie Guillem, I love the post-modern, glitch-filled music accompanied by the sharp lines of the dancers. The dancing, while thrillingly aggressive, is also juxtaposed by moments of pedestrian movement. It’s so incredibly dynamic, and my kind of ballet.

Petite Mort- Jiri Kylian

Undeniably sensual, this piece has been danced by ballet and modern companies alike. It’s beautiful and iconic, the kind of choreography that makes you experience the music in an entirely new way. It’s both beautiful and athletic, elegant and human- showcasing the wide range of the dancers’ skills.

Max- Ohad Naharin

I had the privilege of not only seeing Batsheva Dance Company perform this during my years spent in Santa Barbara, but also attended a Gaga master class led by the company members. Gaga, Naharin’s own movement language, was created after the Graham trained choreographer suffered a debilitating back injury and sought to integrate dance as a form of therapy. Thorugh Gaga, he emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s body and nurturing it’s sense of connectivity and awareness. Long story short, I have never seen anyone move like the dancers onstage in “Max.”  Filled with gesture and ritual, I felt like I was witnessing something sacred or perhaps a parody thereof.

Oh, Inverted World- Trey McIntyre 

Of course, I had to do a bit of a shout-out to one of my favorite companies ever, Smuin Ballet, and the wonderful piece renowned choreographer Trey McIntyre created for them to music from The Shins. Bridging the gaps between pop culture and the classics, I dare you not to enjoy this clip. (Because we can no longer be friends if you don’t, just saying.)

and…just for fun:

A-Z of Dance. 

There’s an unending supply of videos out there, and I honestly could make this an entire series on its own. I got so wrapped up in searching for my favorite videos, this post took entirely too long to comprise, as I, of course, had to stop and watch all of them on Youtube. Let me know what some of your own favorites are- I’m always looking to broaden my horizons!

Happy Monday,


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