Portland Adventures

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I’m honestly a bit behind on updating Watch Me Juggle as of late. Not that I haven’t been posting, but I’ve had such a busy last two weeks, I’ve had such an influx of material/thoughts/adventures I haven’t been able to keep up! I’m well aware that this isn’t really a problem. So, today’s post features a long overdue look at my time spent in Portland over this last Memorial Day weekend. Also fondly known as: “That time we ate all the things.”

That’s right, dear readers. The itinerary for Portland, aside from spending time with some good friends, was to eat as many delicious, Portland-specific culinary concoctions we could find. We were very successful.


A glimpse at Rogue Brewing Company as we drive by…


The first Portland hipster sighting!


Portland is undoubtedly home to some lovely looking Victorians- not unlike my hometown!


The bar at the Barrel Room. In case you’re unable to find it. Upon arriving here, our unruly group was absolutely convinced that we had annoyed our poor taxi driver to his wit’s end and that he was throwing us out. IMG_1700

A moment between friends.


One of my very favorite stops had to be Salt and Straw. I’m a fan of artisan ice creams on any occasion, and had a big bowl of both honey lavender and sea salt caramel ripple ice cream. A phenomenal combination. This was also the place I’ve tasted one of the most peculiar things of my life: mint leaf and sea urchin ice cream. Yes, it was actually quite tasty.


As an alternative to the ever-crowded Voodoo Doughnuts, our lovely host took us to the delicious Blue Star Donuts. They had a plethora of intriguing flavors, including a Cointreau-laced crème brûlée, with a beaker of Cointreau literally stuck in the donut itself.

IMG_1710 IMG_1709

Meyer lemon with key lime custard, and blackberry compote with peanut butter powdered sugar. Delicious.


My choice of the morning: Blueberry, bourbon, basil. Breakfast of Champions.

Not pictured are our many forays in to food truck dining- complete with American-Moroccan fusion food in the form of spiced Basmati rice topped with the makings of a Philly cheese steak. In short, even if you aren’t a foodie, I highly recommend spending some time in this part of the Pacific Northwest. Its small town feel and tree-lined streets are beautiful and worth taking in any time of year.


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