And the adventure continues…

Hello everyone!

Continuing on from yesterday’s post “Portland Adventures,” I bring you the “Seattle Adventures” episode of Watch Me Juggle! Things in Seattle have changed quite a bit since my trip up five years ago. On my last visit following college graduation, my dear friend Brooke was getting married; on this trip, I got to visit her beautiful home and meet her son Cooper, who is now already six months old! Another friend of mine, Kelsey hosted us in her cozy apartment, and took us for a night out on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. I frankly can’t imagine how we crammed so many activities in a day-and-a-half, but we did! We ate delicious food, went wine tasting, went sailing, and perused Pike’s Place Market. I even played skee-ball for the first time in my young life. People seemed perturbed when I told them this: “Didn’t you ever go to Chuck E.Cheese as a kid?!” Yes, yes I did. But, I was far too busy playing in the ball pit to worry about things that involved any sort of hand-eye coordination. Now, dear readers, brace yourself for many photos:



We made life vests look good.


Beautiful views of Downtown Seattle while sailing about.


Apparently the boats have the right of way when it comes to navigating the waters. Sea planes took off on a regular basis all around us. Quite wonderful to watch.


The famous fish market at Pike’s Place. I got to see the fish fly on many occasions!


Huge bouquets at the flower market. I wished I could have taken them home with me…


My very favorite: beautiful peonies.


Hey! Looks like Rachel’s love of ginger finally paid off!


We discovered a welcoming winery near the market that had local wines and board games. What more could you ask for?

IMG_1782 IMG_1783

Our flights. I had the sparkling wines, naturally. After a game of Apples to Apples (the girls won!), we decided it would be much more entertaining to play with the boy. He was an enthusiastic sport.


Sweetest face ever.


Blurry photo with phantom hand! The decor here seemed like exotic hunting lodge meets carnival. Iiiiinteresting.


Ladies out on the town at Unicorn Bar. As seen on the Macklemore Thrift Shop music video. The bar, not the ladies…


Delicious, but sweet cocktails with very inappropriate names.

I miss it already. Until next time, Seattle!


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