Delicious Things

Hello everyone and happy Monday!



 If my previous posts are any indication, it’s pretty obvious that I like sweet things. Especially doughnuts. Now, I’m not necessarily referring to those sugary, doughy lumps you remember from your childhood (although, there is a time and a place for those). Although there’s a special place in my heart for those pre-packaged, sugar covered cakes, since returning to the Bay Area, I’ve discovered the world of gourmet doughnuts. Now, I’m aware that I’m late on the “National Doughnut Day” bandwagon, but I beg you to cut me a little slack. Our annual show is coming up quickly at the dance studio, and my brain has been utterly consumed by all things Alice in Wonderland.This also happens to be my excuse for my recent doughnut obsession. The fascination has blossomed to the extent that girlfriends of mine thought of me upon hearing that there was a national event celebrating doughnuts. My love of sweets with peculiar flavors, however, is not strictly relegated to doughnuts. Give me flower-scented ice cream, chocolate, or cocktails any day. Now, I’m not saying to go out and get a box of doughnuts on the regular, but there’s something wonderful about spending a lazy Sunday morning with adventurous, sugary treats and good strong coffee. Think of it as a vacation for your taste buds- they deserve a weekend, too.  Even better if you have good company and a good view to enjoy them with.



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