Necessary Skills for Adults

Alright, everyone.

We all know I’m the authority on adulthood (just kidding). Regardless of the fact that I’m an adult with one foot unabashedly in kid land, I’m dedicating a post to things that I’ve learned and found particularly useful over the last few years.

Learn how to poach an egg

If you’re anything like me, doing dishes isn’t the most entertaining thing in the entire world. This is also a lifesaver if you want to have a quick, filling breakfast that doesn’t require much prep in the kitchen. I’ll admit, I’ve failed many times in my attempts to poach an egg. Most of the time I ended up with a bizarre soup- a disembodied yolk floating in a web of spidery egg white. The few tips I can give are to only have a few inches of water in the pot and to not create too vigorous of a boil. Drop the egg in slowly and carefully, and, if all else fails, use a spoon to encourage it to stick together. Slap it on a piece of toast and voilà! Breakfast. 


Learn how to write a check 

Don’t be that person. It’s really embarrassing. Ask a close friend if you’re having issues with this one. Also, work on your legible printing. 

Learn how to take a decent photo

I personally feel like I’m the least photogenic person imaginable. Photos are probably the fastest way to lower my self-esteem. That being said, grab your phone and start taking selfies. Find an angle and expression you’re comfortable with so you’ll have the slightest idea of what to do when someone busts out a camera at your next big event. I, for example, consider my best side to be the side to be the one with all my real teeth. I would find that more amusing if it wasn’t true. On a side note, learn to laugh at yourself. Life is going to be really difficult for you if you can’t smile about the ridiculous things that tend to happen. 


Learn how to clean without cleaning…

Pick your clothes up off the floor/chair/bed/wherever you tend to toss them. Rinse the sink out after you use it, and wash the really easy dishes right away. You’ll never be left with a horrible mess of a house if you master the 5 second clean up. It’s much easier to deep clean your space if you don’t have to clean before you clean. Make sense?

Learn how to make a good cup of coffee

We can’t be friends if you don’t know how. I’m sorry. It’s all about the water-to-grounds ratio. If you’re unsure, always err on the side of too much coffee, as it’s easier to add hot water than to attempt to salvage an entire pot of dirty dishwater. 


Learn how not to be the office jerkface

Nobody likes that person. I don’t care that it may be six o’clock in the morning and that you’re my boss. “Good Morning” is still an acceptable greeting on this planet. Try smiling every-once-in-a-while, brushing your hair, and not swearing before noon, at the very least. In other news, no one wants to discuss work related things with you on the phone during the weekend unless the office is on fire. That’s the only exception, quite honestly. 

Learn how and when to say “No.”

There are times when you need to take a step back and listen to yourself. If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or stressed 99% of the time, you need to allow yourself to take a break. Stick up for yourself when you need to. 

and, lastly

Learn how to deal with disappointment

I know…I know…this is the least fun one of all. Adult life isn’t necessarily going to go the way you planned. Rents get raised, not everyone will like you, and you might not get that job you always dreamed of. It’s ok. Really! There are things about the world that aren’t fun, but remind yourself that disappointment is something that everyone can relate to. Every successful adult I know has dealt with it at some point or another. Don’t let it stop you from being happy. 

My two cents for the day! I hope you find it helpful, dear readers.




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