Hello everyone!

Get ready for some shameless promotion!


Hey look! It’s me teaching class! Photo c/o Michaela Lynch


Wonderland characters. Photo c/o Mary Lee Shalvoy

I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed lately- in the best possible way. I realize that I’m horribly spoiled in the sense that while I sometimes work long hours on my feet, I get to be a part of a wonderful and creative company doing what I absolutely. I spend my days with people I know (some for more than 10 years) and love, and am so proud to call my coworkers.

If I’m somewhat absent from my blog this week it’s because we’ve been working tirelessly on putting together our annual “Big Show!” As many of you who know me outside of my blog already know, this year’s show is “Wonderland;” our take on Alice in Wonderland, with a little bit of Giselle and The Wizard of Oz, smushed together. I’m particularly excited for this year’s show, as I’ve known many of the graduates featured as our main characters since they were four or five years old. I’m going to boast that we have a little something for everyone, regardless of their music taste or preferred dance style. It’s possibly one of our most diverse, yet cohesive shows yet. Want a little bit of classic rock? We have Queen. Prefer social dancing over classical ballet? We have that too. Mom a fan of disco? No problem. We have the disco ball and everything! And where else will you find an Alice sporting Dr. Marten’s?!  Getting to perform a bit in it myself is the cherry on the sundae. If you’re around this coming weekend, I encourage you to come and enjoy. You can find all the details at Dance Art Project.

““I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” 

~Lewis Carroll


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