Five Things

Hello everyone!

I am so excited by all of the positive feedback I got on yesterday’s Wonderland post! We like to say that although we’re in class throughout the year, unlike sporting events that happen on a weekly basis, this is our one chance to show everyone the culmination of all our hard work. The support of our audience is so meaningful, and there’s nothing like performing for your friends and family.

That being said- on to today’s Five Things! I must warn you, this Wednesday’s post is rather-flower heavy, but who doesn’t like flowers?! It’s possibly just as socially unacceptable as not liking chocolate. If either of these apply to you, keep it to yourself.


My friend Rachel just returned from China, and while her bringing back stories of Chinese wedding ceremonies would have been present enough, she also brought me some treats! Her ultimate goal was to find the oddest flavored things to feed me. The cucumber chips were weirdly sweet, and I suppose payback for the chicken chips I brought her from New Zealand, and the mango cookies tasted eerily of oreos. I also believe that the neon yellow, bunny-topped nail polish she purchased is banana scented. Guess I’ll just have to use it and find out!


Hydrangeas I found meandering through my neighborhood. They made me nostalgic for New Zealand. Imagine having these bright blue things lining every highway.


Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have noticed my latest purchase. Though highly debated, I caved and bought this snarky tank from Dimepiece LA last week. You can go make your own sandwich now.

IMG_0189 - Copy

Hawaii has been calling my name. It’s been almost a year since my first visit and I find myself feeling nostalgic when thinking about the beautiful plumeria tree outside of our condo near Turtle Bay.


Possibly the most random of today’s Five Things is this dog-eared magazine from October of 2011 I found on a recent trip to the doctor’s office. That stereotype exists for a reason. Similarly horrifying is the fact that I most likely still have this same issue of In Style floating around my apartment at the moment…I’m not ashamed.


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