Summer List

Hello everyone!


Now that we’re officially into summer, and a little more than half way through our year, I thought I would share my Summer “To Do” List! This is partially for fun and partially so I’m somehow held accountable for them. Without a doubt, summer is my absolute favorite time of year and I plan on making the most of it. Some things on my list, like swimsuit shopping, can be considered typical summer activities, but others are a little more personal. I’ve seen beautiful pictures of the view from the “Hippie Tree” in Tiburon, but have never gotten a chance to go. And Alameda is the perfect place for kite boarding and paddle boarding, but I’ve never made the time to go! I’m hoping that by the time September rolls around, I will have checked most of these things off my list. If not, you, dear readers, will be the only ones who know, so go easy on me!

…Buy a new swimsuit…
…Visit Off The Grid, at least once…
…Attend more Saturday farmers markets…
…Go stand up paddle boarding…
…Make a Vegan dessert, à la The Simple Veganista
…Attend the Alameda Art & Wine Festival…
…Visit St. George Distillery…
…Have dinner at Foreign Cinema
…Catch a baseball game at AT &T Park…
…Go to more yoga classes…
…Spend the day in St. Helena…
…Host a mimosa brunch…
…Visit the “Hippie Tree” in Tiburon
…Wear as many sundresses as possible
…Dance as much as possible (nothing new here)

What do you think? I tried to make it as well-rounded as possible, after much mental note-taking. Last summer was pretty incredible- I got to celebrate my 26th birthday in Hawaii, and spent some wonderful time with friends. Now, I can’t necessarily go to Hawaii for every birthday (or can I?), but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my summer in a totally new way.

Have a great weekend all!


6 thoughts on “Summer List

  1. Color me green. I spent my 26th birthday at WLC in frozen back-woods Pennsylvania… But I’m totally on track for the vegan desserts! I’ve had some phenomenal faux-cheesecakes (who knew cashews and lemon juice tasted like cream cheese, kind of?) and other awesome animal-less treats!

    • Devyn! Let me know if you have any go-to dessert recipes! I am, unfortunately, mildly allergic to cashews, which makes finding a good vegan dessert difficult. I’m determined, though!

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