Five Things

Hello all,

Get ready for the most random barrage of imagery you’ve ever seen! I realized today that my weekly Five Things has intermittently become a dumping ground for the photos I have sitting on my laptop, waiting to be used, but completely without context. It’s not a bad thing necessarily- unless it’s driving you nuts, dear readers. Those of you who know me outside of my blog, know that I like to talk about whatever pops into my head during any available moment of silence. I realize that this results in the most disjointed conversation ever, so much so that I like to preface some of my statements by explaining how I got there. This isn’t at all strange, I’m sure of it.

Unfortunately, I can’t really preface this week’s things with any kind of explanation, other than the fact that they’re a conglomeration of things I’ve come across in my immediate, everyday life that have stood out to me. Now, I realize that many bloggers out there have similar routine lists on their blog; it’s reassuring for me to recall how much I enjoy reading those, and hope you find my posts equally amusing/intriguing/entertaining, or whatever adjective floats your boat!


First off is a shot of the LA sky through the vine and fairy light covered gazebo that housed my friend’s birthday party for the majority of the day on Saturday. Downtown Los Angeles isn’t particularly green, so this was such the refreshing touch to an otherwise concrete patio.




Photo c/o Shopbop. Click on the link below to check it out!

I would like you to meet my new boyfriend: Mini MAC. Rebecca Minkoff states that M.A.C really stands for “Morning After Clutch,” but I enjoy taking this guy out all day. Having been on my wish list for ages, this purse was such an excellent find at the Nordstrom sale the other day I couldn’t pass it up!  More than 50% off, mind you. I thought there had been a mistake, that’s how good of a deal I got. It’s my new favorite.


In a little nod to the ever-popular Instagram trend of #ThrowbackThursday, I wanted to post a picture taken what seems like ages ago. This was at a birthday party in San Francisco, and is one of my favorites of our little crew. I’m in a Rachel Sandwich!


So, I was admittedly tooling around Instagram at work the other day and came across this cocktail special at the W Hotel. It’s some sort of  birthday concoction that they began serving this last week, for a limited time. I believe it contains vodka, Chambord, and Canton ginger liqueur. Oh, and whipped cream and sprinkles, of course! Though it’s not really my birthday yet, I’m tempted to stop by and ask them for this thing. It’s like the cocktail equivalent of a cupcake!

And, possibly the most random thing of all….

The Enneagram Test

Last weekend’s birthday girl (who also happens to be studying for her PH.D in clinical psychology) introduced us to the above test. It’s supposed to be accurately indicative of all aspects of your personality- how you handle stress, how you see the world, etc. It’s quite an in depth test, but I’m itching to take it and to see how I feel about the results. I know it’s an oddly cerebral thing to include on here, but let me know what you think! It’s certainly got me thinking.

Happy Wednesday!


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