Five Things

Hello everyone!

I must admit, today’s Five Things is probably being published at a record-breaking late hour. Though I don’t feel as if I’ve done anything extraordinary today, I do feel like I’ve managed to cram a whole hell of a lot of things in one day. Taking in the morning news, dropping off the dry cleaning, commuting to work, catching a quick happy hour cocktail, and dashing back across the bridge home. Of course, The less glamorous part of the day involved me eating a very large burrito bowl in record time while in my pajamas in bed, but who doesn’t do that every once-in-a-while? We all deserve the occasional break from socially acceptable behavior.

Speaking of breaks in socially acceptable behavior, I spent a weekend afternoon at my parents house in this outfit:


It’s a traditional dirndl dress straight from Austria. I agreed to model it for my mother, who was convinced it would fit me better than her. The charm of this dress is most certainly in the details- the sweetheart neckline is complimented by actual hearts in the lace trim of the sleeves, and there are festive little green reindeer printed on the apron accompanying the skirt. I could think of a few occasions in which this dress would be a hit, namely the annual Sound of Music Sing-Along at the Castro Theater in San Francisco.


This would be an avatar of the mastermind behind Watch Me Juggle. My friend Rachel created it and sent it to me last week, during a slow afternoon at work. There’s, of course, an app for that! I appreciate all the lovely details; the knobby little ballerina bun and almond-shaped eyes are an adorable touch.


If I came with directions…

I recently discovered the online shop Thug Life.  Ever since acquiring my infamous “Ain’t No Wifey” shirt from Dimepiece LA, I’ve developed an affinity for witty shirts like this one.


Like many aspiring adults I know, I have a soft spot for the occasional cold glass of beer. However, when the contents of said glass turn tepid and flat, it becomes decidedly less delightful. Enter the “pony beer-” slightly smaller than your average 12 oz. beverage, it’s the perfect size. It always stays cold, and is just enough to refresh you without that pesky full feeling.


Meet my favorite new breakfast. I’ve been loving slices of large white peaches straight from the market, especially while they’re still firm. They’re crisp and delicious, and pair amazingly with a warm cup of coffee. They’ve brought a glimpse of summer to even the foggiest of mornings here in the Bay Area. And, boy, have there been some foggy mornings…

There you have it, post #150 on Watch Me Juggle. How time has flown!

Have a wonderful rest of your week, everyone!


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