Kitchen Experiments

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you had a good Monday. Recently, I had an evening free and decided I was going to see what all the fuss over coconut oil was about. I haven’t been baking all that much as of late, simply because, when I do, I find myself eating the same cake/brownies/cookies nonstop for a week. Not the best plan of action. I did, however, have some aging bananas sitting on my dining table that I just had to do something with, and figured that bananas and coconut would be a good mix.

I was correct.

I had a surprising amount of trouble finding a recipe that involved coconut oil in banana bread, but was glad when I stumbled upon this No-Fail Banana Bread from All Things Simple. I tweaked the recipe a bit- substituting vanilla bean yogurt for sour cream, and adding extra-large pinches of cinnamon and semi-sweet chocolate chips.


Ingredients ready to go.


The required banana mash. Looking frightful.


I’m a horribly impatient person, especially when it comes to dirtying “necessary” dishes, but I forced myself to separate the wet and dry ingredients this time around.  What I was not so successful at doing was fully melting the coconut oil. Yes, I used my blow dryer to do this. And yes, when I got too impatient, I just threw it in there. I did have to give a disclaimer to people eating the banana bread that should they come across rare “doughy” bits that it wasn’t underdone, merely clumps of oil. Not making that mistake again.



I purchased this little silicon loaf pan recently. While I initially wasn’t sure as to how well it would work, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! It’s just a little tricky to get in the oven when filled full of wobbly dough.





IMG_2460The end result!

I must say, I was quite happy about it. My house smelled lovely, and I enjoyed my warm banana bread with a big glass of milk.

So…that’s basically what I did the other day instead of going to a yoga class. I feel no shame.


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