Picnic in the Park

Hello everyone!

I hope that you’ve had an enjoyable last weekend of summer- what a beauty it has been. I found myself wandering around the Marina the other day  in shorts and a tank. Those of you that have lived or at least visited San Francisco know what a rare occurrence that is, especially in an area that I would otherwise describe as “living in cloud.”  I’ve attempted to be a social butterfly, as of late, so you’ll soon be seeing my latest adventures retold. I’ve been rather scattered while getting ready for the transition of summer into fall- summer gigs are wrapping up, and I’m looking forward to starting new classes and seeing some familiar smiling faces, as cliché as that sounds. As much as I enjoy a break during the summer, it also serves as a nice reminder that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.

In the meantime, I can fully enjoy writing to you, dear readers, about my adventures. Despite having lived in the Bay Area for almost the entirety of my young life, there’s still so much that I haven’t seen. Last weekend, I jumped on the back of a motorcycle (crossing that off of the bucket list!) and tooled around Golden Gate park. Does everyone know that there are bison living in that park, or is this just news to me?




Photos c/o Patrick Baron.

We spent the majority of our time outside the Conservatory of Flowers at a friend’s birthday picnic. A fantastic time and place to have one, I must say. I, foolishly enough, forgot my phone, which left me unable to  take any pictures at all. I’m sure you can guess how much this killed me, knowing how much I like to take pictures of flowers. Luckily I had  someone with a much better phone who was willing to take pictures for me, which was incredibly obliging. I was especially surprised that, unlike most flower gardens, the Conservatory of Flowers is bordered by a full garden of dahlias, rather than the traditional roses. All in all, it was a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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