Five Things

Hello everyone!

The Wednesday after a long weekend always sneaks up on you. I found myself making plans for Wednesday yesterday, not realizing it was a day away! Vacations are so hard, everyone. So, whilst trying to adopt a sense of normalcy before my first week back at work kicks off, here’s this week’s Five Things!


I’m so excited to have made my first purchase from Bauble Bar! I’m trying to actively avoid looking at their website, because I’m fairly certain that I might end up buying more fun, unnecessary accessories. I loved that when I opened my package, it seemed almost as excited as I was. Yay!


A little snippet from @WatchMeJuggle Instagram- Some salty dogs, and one of my best dog-friends, Theo at the monthly Treasure Island Flea Market. They had a buy-one-get-one happy hour…starting at 10am. Possibly not the best idea…


I can’t believe I never knew about this amazing view from Treasure Island. This weekend was so amazingly beautiful. I wish I had an excuse to go out there every week.


In other news, I discovered a local coffee company from Oakland making what they dub “Black Medicine.” This was the most delicious pre-made latte I have ever had in my life. They apparently sell them by the case, which was horribly tempting! Also, please notice my new Bowzer bracelet from Marrin Costello on my wrist. You will see him again.


It wouldn’t be ‘Five Things’ without one random addition. I found this questionable candy bar at Walgreen’s in the financial district. I couldn’t figure out as to whether or not it was cake covered in chocolate, or a candy bar meant to resemble cake. It was strange either way. My coworker encouraged me to squish it just to find out. I did, and it didn’t lead me to any strong conclusions.


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