Sparkles and such…

Hello everyone!

Though I would usually classify myself as a lover of simple, delicate pieces of jewelry that can be worn everyday, I’ve acquired a few new bits and baubles recently. Then again, those of you who have read my previous blog on my giant tangle of a jewelry “box,” you know how much I like my fun, over-the-top pieces.


From left to right: Marrin Costello Bowzer bracelet, Bauble Bar 360 studs, and the Marrin Costello Melrose hand chain. Pardon my dust. Black furniture is really hard to keep clean- I’ve learned that the hard way.





The man has dubbed my new pearl studs my “backwards earrings.” I like to explain them as the perfect earring for ballet class: they’re just as pretty from the front as from the back, even interesting mid-pirouette!

These pieces are, without a doubt, my newest favorites. They’re all quite unique, and I have yet to see them out and about. They’re also quite different from each other, although that doesn’t stop me from piling them on altogether! While I was a bit trepidatious about deviating from my comfort zone, (that gold is really….well, gold) the girlfriend I was with when I bought them insisted that matching metals was too “90’s anyway.” So, when I’m feeling a little spunky, or in need of some heavy-duty armor, I slap on my bowzer bracelet. Feeling feminine and proper? On go the pearls. And the hand chain is just the wild card, of course. If I feel like really confusing myself and other people, I pair it with my rose gold Michael Kors watch or my favorite turquoise ring. I’m not entirely sure of how this looks, but it sure feels good.


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