Trunk Show Fun

Hello all!

My friend Sarah recently hosted a trunk show for the talented, native-Alamedan Marrin Costello. I discovered her designs this last summer (which I wrote about here), and was so excited to see more. While I haven’t been to many, trunk shows are brilliant ideas- who doesn’t love shopping with friends and a glass of bubbly?


All the shiny things!





My mother was kind enough to accompany me, and immediately bonded with Sarah’s dog, Theo. He proved to be the ultimate good sport, and tolerated us dressing him up in all the jewelry. He looks quite at ease, if anything. While I had my sights set on the ornate gold earrings pictured above, I didn’t plan on leaving with nearly as many pieces as I did. By the end, this included midi rings, a necklace, and a gold bowzer bracelet. A few were gifts, which was a lovely surprise, but the rest were, admittedly, gifts to myself. I also picked up a beautiful Italian leather wrap bracelet for my mother for Christmas, which was much more exciting to buy than the flannel pajamas she initially requested. I love the variety of Marrin’s unique designs- there’s a little something for every facet of your personality. When I’m feeling tough, or like I need a little extra back-up, I wear my spiked bracelets, usually stacked. On more delicate days, my new necklace pairs nicely with my everyday pieces. And, to instantly dress up any outfit, my new gold earrings.

In other news, I’m not allowing myself to buy any more jewelry for the majority of 2015. What about you, dear readers? Do you have jewelry designs (or a particular designer) you gravitate to? Jewelry can be such a powerful, personal thing- I think it’s important for everyone to have a little something special.


Sparkles and such…

Hello everyone!

Though I would usually classify myself as a lover of simple, delicate pieces of jewelry that can be worn everyday, I’ve acquired a few new bits and baubles recently. Then again, those of you who have read my previous blog on my giant tangle of a jewelry “box,” you know how much I like my fun, over-the-top pieces.


From left to right: Marrin Costello Bowzer bracelet, Bauble Bar 360 studs, and the Marrin Costello Melrose hand chain. Pardon my dust. Black furniture is really hard to keep clean- I’ve learned that the hard way.





The man has dubbed my new pearl studs my “backwards earrings.” I like to explain them as the perfect earring for ballet class: they’re just as pretty from the front as from the back, even interesting mid-pirouette!

These pieces are, without a doubt, my newest favorites. They’re all quite unique, and I have yet to see them out and about. They’re also quite different from each other, although that doesn’t stop me from piling them on altogether! While I was a bit trepidatious about deviating from my comfort zone, (that gold is really….well, gold) the girlfriend I was with when I bought them insisted that matching metals was too “90’s anyway.” So, when I’m feeling a little spunky, or in need of some heavy-duty armor, I slap on my bowzer bracelet. Feeling feminine and proper? On go the pearls. And the hand chain is just the wild card, of course. If I feel like really confusing myself and other people, I pair it with my rose gold Michael Kors watch or my favorite turquoise ring. I’m not entirely sure of how this looks, but it sure feels good.