Hello everyone!

I’m not sure if many of you remember this, but a while back I wrote a biting review of the Tinder app (you can find it here)? And I told you all about how it wasn’t “better than real life,” how it was superficial, and how the majority of men on there were poorly presented?

Well… I have a confession to make.


I sort of found one on there. And by found, I mean, I’ve been seeing a guy I met on Tinder for the last six months or so. You may have seen his disembodied hand here and there, or perhaps noticed that I’ve been stealing his photos for some of my most recent posts. I know some bloggers feel a bit dicey about sharing too much of their personal lives in their writing, and yet I put all this other ridiculous life-related nonsense on here so why not? I was the one that decided to be all high and mighty and share my opinions in the first place, so here goes nothing!

I began my original Tinder post with the disclaimer that this was all for blog-related purposes, yadda yadda. I downloaded and deleted it, only to download it again, to later delete it. Long story short, Tinder made a great recreational, post-cocktail bonding activity for myself and my girlfriends. Who doesn’t like some good old-fashioned ogling and complaining about members of the opposite sex? I know men do this too, although perhaps sans complaining. It’s admittedly quite fun to hand your best girlfriend your phone and tell her to “have at it!” Let’s be honest, I haven’t had the best track record, but I keep trying and things keep getting better, so I must be doing something right.


I had struck up a few conversations with people I had been “matched” with, and I was pleasantly surprised at how polite the majority of them were. Once again, this wouldn’t be hard to do in real life. However, I’ve been told by male friends of mine that I’m somehow “scary” for men to talk to, or some such nonsense. Anyway, I decided to meet one of my matches for a quick lunch one day while I was commuting to work in San Francisco. I made sure to tell one of my girlfriends about my plans, lest I find myself in need of a fake emergency in case of the dreaded really bad date. Maybe I was a tiny bit obsessive about it, but you never know. He looked almost exactly like his photos. Typical first date awkwardness ensued;  I had a big bowl of carrot soup and he ate kale salad before dropping me back off at the office. I saw him again that Saturday, and again the week after that, and the week after that. It’s funny how these things work sometimes. I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything, but had apparently found something wonderful. Now, whenever someone complains that online dating is weird, or that Tinder is “just for hookups,” all my girlfriends are quick to make an example of me: “Eva met her guy on Tinder! And he’s great! Not crazy or anything…that we know of. Eva! Show them a picture!” 


Am suddenly shining example of strange dating success. Sure, it can get awkward when people ask how we met. Depending on how either of us is feeling, we’ll either tell people the truth or say we met somewhere horribly mundane, like Starbucks. Yet, I’m pleasantly surprised at how many people are quick to share their positive dating-app experiences. The game has certainly changed since my parents age, and I feel like technology has quite a bit to do with it. But I don’t think any amount of new websites or apps will ever help us figure some things out. I’m fairly certain that men will always be bizarre and puzzling to me, but then again, most would probably say the same things about me. Meanwhile, I can always leave them in a corner somewhere while I go shopping.

Just kidding….sort of.


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