Five Things

Hello everyone!

 Despite what I initially stated on Monday’s post, yesterday was, in fact, the first day of Autumn. Whoops! Either way, things have been continuing the same as always, and it’s still absurdly warm here in the Bay Area. So, while cooking alive in my little apartment despite having all my fans going, I give you: Five Things.


This past Saturday was our school’s annual trip to San Francisco for the newest pointe students. This is a huge rite of passage, and often something a dancer remembers for the rest of her life. I was so glad to be a part of it this year.  I was feeling creative and snagged a fun picture of everyone on the escalator.


My dance outfit of the day, also a workplace selfie. I’m sporting my newest Sonoya style Yumiko leotard. It’s wonderfully comfortable, and a fabulous replacement for one I lost earlier this month. Please ignore my frightening dancer feet.


A beautiful little piece of graffiti art found on last week’s hike. The view while sitting in this decorated bench was just as lovely, if not more so.


Photo c/o Gimme Some Oven

I recently made these coconut oil chocolate chip cookies from food blogger Ali Ebright at Gimme Some Oven. Despite the lack of butter, they were utterly amazing! You can find the recipe here. The coconut oil added some fantastic flavor, and I don’t feel badly about eating more than one…or two…or five, whatever!

And, lastly, on a more serious note…

UN Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women Emma Watson is so genuine and eloquent in her speech advocating for gender equality.  You absolutely need to watch this. It’s my honest belief that many people don’t, in fact, understand the true meaning of the term ‘feminist.’ It’s uncomplicated, and fundamentally a human rights issue, above all else.

Food for thought.


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