Touch the Heart

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re doing well, dear readers. The same cannot be said for my little laptop. While she’s still hanging in there, trying to type with both the “n” key and spacebar sticking is incredibly difficult. Sometimes, she also likes to shut down for no reason. I mean, really- how am I supposed to read all the trivia on IMDB when I’m watching a movie on a Friday night?! (Does anyone else do this?) Rude.

dim sum

Photo c/o Maren Masterson. Dim sum is a must when my girlfriends come to visit!


To the left are some of my favorite sweets: jin duei, or, as I like to call them “sesame balls.” So delicious! Some might have made their way into my purse for later…just saying. I have no shame.


Today, I wanted to write about a little meal that has become near and dear to my heart: Dim Sum. Roughly translated to “touch the heart,” this Cantonese meal is meant to bring people together, even if only over a quick cup of tea. For those of you that aren’t familiar, the dishes are designed to be shared, and are usually carb-heavy in the form of dumplings, buns, or noodles. I love the social aspect of the meal- which is even better if you have some adventurous friends who are willing to try new things. For me, dim sum has become synonymous with comfort food; I tend to stuff myself excessively while attempting to try every dish that comes rolling up in the cart. That’s the other thing: if you appreciate a quick, grab-and-go meal, then dim sum is for you. I usually have food on my table within the first minute of sitting down, I kid you not. First time diners beware: it can be overwhelming if you’re not steadfast on what you do/do not want to eat. Don’t feel bad about declining or asking for something specific! On the other hand, should you find yourself at a table without food for too long, a generous server might just decide to give you whatever they have in their hand. I speak from experience.

Depending on the restaurant, or the people you’re with, there’s always something new. My most recent and favorite discovery has been egg custard buns. I could have these sweet, soft bread buns with a crackly, pineapple-like top filled with egg custard for breakfast every morning! Best when served warm, of course.

Who else would have dim sum every day, if they could?


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