Five Things

Hello everyone!

Congratulations are in order- we’ve made it halfway through the week! Although, some of you have been lucky enough to have a long weekend in honor of Veteran’s Day, so your week may just be starting. I, for one, am jealous, but also can’t complain because I’ve already enjoyed the random weekday off.

This weeks Five Things features quite a lot of coffee- I didn’t intend it that way, but there you have it…


I enjoyed one of the best mocha’s I’ve ever had at the popular Jane Cafe on Fillmore st. on Sunday. I’ve never had marshmallows in my coffee before, but it’s a brilliant idea!


It was my fabulous friend Sarah’s birthday recently, so we’ve made plans to have a girls’ weekend in the near future to celebrate. Stayed tuned, as you’ll undoubtedly see this on the blog soon! Also, please forgive my thumb in the frame. Selfies are harder than they seem.


Here’s a little throwback to last year’s Thanksgiving festivities. Our resident baby, Ewan was busy being adorable, so it’s only a natural response to want to eat him, which you can clearly see. I’m so looking forward to spending some time in San Luis Obispo this year for the holidays.


Oh look! More coffee! Did you know that our local artisan coffee roasters Blue Bottle have a book out? I certainly didn’t.


I give you: the Corpse Reviver from Sens San Francisco.  I ended the last week with a much needed cocktail with friends. How they get their logo on the egg white foam of this drink, I’ll never know.

Hope you’re doing well, dear readers. See  you again for next week’s Five Things!


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