The Tiny Tree

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!

Since I started living on my own about three-ish years ago, I’ve developed a few traditions that I like to carry out over the years. I like to buy myself a present every Valentine’s Day, and I leave it wrapped until the day of. I get my nails done every year, without fail, on my birthday. And, of course you already know about my yearly Thanksgiving traditions.  It’s sort of silly, but these simple things have become an oddly significant part of my life. For example, one of my all time favorite things to do around Christmastime is….to get a tree!

Yes, it’s not the most innovative, but, after years of living like a nomad and not having a tree, I finally went out and got one during the first winter I spent in my apartment. While they initially started out quite small, this year’s tree was the odd giant among the tiny trees on the lot, and I had to bring him home with me.

Brace yourself for selfies:



This funny little picture gives you some perspective of the actual size of my tree. I always feel a little absurd lugging my Christmas tree home with one hand. It’s certainly doable!


Before: Naked tree!


Sure, a Christmas Tiffany box isn’t necessarily an ornament, but it was the first thing I popped on the tree this year! 

After: With a little extra sparkle. I’ve collected a number of ornaments organically over the years. My favorites thus far are Barbie as Titania, Queen of the Fairies, a pair of ceramic angel wings, and a little sparkling pair of pointe shoes. I’m a dancer, after all. My tree wouldn’t be complete without a nod to my profession.  I’m looking forward to adding some more ornaments to my collection this year.


I must admit, I had to squeeze in some tree decorating between multiple jobs, and rather late nights, but it’s been well worth it. It’s just my size, and, albeit a little lopsided, but perfect to me.


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