Christmas Tree Lane

Hello all!

Prepare your eyes, everyone, here come countless pictures of light-bedecked houses and trees. It’s…

Christmas Tree Lane!



I feel like every town has that one street that goes all-out, overboard, even, with Christmas decorations. Here in my little town by the bay, you’ll find Thompson St. aka “Christmas Tree Lane.” Aside from the crowds of people and cars, you’ll know you’ve come to the right street when you get a glimpse of the resident Santa, perched on the tree-covered median, taking pictures with all the kiddies.

Hint: it will probably look something like this:


Be extra careful! The little ones tend to get under foot, and I’m convinced that all the lights have a bizarre, tranquilizing effect on the little people. Apparently, this is quickly counteracted by filling them with as much sugary hot chocolate as possible. Problem solved! Their enthusiasm really is contagious, I must say.

If you find yourself rather low energy around this holiday season, never fear.  Just do what I do, and make a snuggly in your favorite mug.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with this wondrous adult beverage, it primarily consists of two ingredients: hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. Presto! You have instant cheer in a mug! And, no I never put it in my coffee tumbler and go for a walk.


In the meantime, I’m so amazed at how the once large, empty space under my own Christmas tree has filled up with presents! Quite a bit of it is dance teacher swag, courtesy of my lovely students, but the other half are presents waiting to be placed under other trees…as soon as find time to wrap them, that is.


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