It’s like I have ESPN, or something…

Hi everyone!

Oh, boy…here comes the gif:


Ahhhh! It’s almost 2015, people! Quick! Isn’t it time to do all of the things that we didn’t get a chance to do this year…or something?

 So, according to the lovely Taylor over at The Daily Tay, I’m all kinds of lame for not doing the requisite “2014 Recap” post, followed by a resolutions post. I’m a rogue blogger, what can I say? What I am doing, in a nod to the upcoming new year, is participating in The Other Juliette‘s fabulous link up with Amber, and predicting what this next year has in store for me. To be quite honest, I think the last time I was given an assignment like this, it was 1999, and my 7th grade English teacher made us write a paper predicting what was going to happen when Y2K hit. Yes, I’m dating myself. No, I cannot explain why the majority of people were in a total panic because they thought that the computers wouldn’t be able to count to 2000. Get it together everyone. Anyway, I did take a moment to reflect on what my life might look like in 2015.

So, here goes nothing:



  • I’ll continue to cram as many ballet/modern dance classes into my day as possible. There’s still room people!
  • I see many a trip to Las Vegas in my future
  • I’ll begin the process of getting rid of my “party trick” tooth, and getting the smile I’ve been dreaming about since I was 14.
  • I’ll continue making life’s lemons into lemonade, and then promptly add vodka for a refreshing twist.
  • I’ll finally get my kitchen organized, and take my microwave out of the box.
  • I will take stand-up paddleboarding lessons over the summer.
  • I’ll visit New Orleans again.
  • I’ll become an honorary aunt again. Isn’t that one of the perks of having married friends?
  • Get a new laptop, “fancify” Watch Me Juggle a bit, and get to know some bay area bloggers in real life.
  • I will visit my alma mater and spend some much-needed time in Santa Barbara.


  • I’ll take up running for fun.
  • I will develop a taste for radicchio. It’s pretty to look at, but blech
  • The fabulous shoe buying will cease.
  • I’ll decide that living alone sucks and promptly move into a house filled with people I don’t know.
  • I will give up coffee in favor of large glasses of water. (haha! That’s funny, right?)

Wait…what? (Maybe)

  •  Get those tattoos I’ve been thinking about for ages.
  • Travel to England or Malaysia. Or both, why not?
  • Buy a Kindle. I love the idea of buying books at a whim while traveling/commuting.
  • Start making videos to post on my blog.
  • Do that photo shoot I’ve been thinking about for ages. I’m long overdue for some pictures of myself dancing.

What do you think, everyone? Doable or totally ridiculous? I almost included “shaving half of my head like Ke$ha” under my ‘No’ list, but thought better of it. I will make no promises.


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