Oh, Hello 2015

Hello everyone!

Wait, but, seriously…what day is it?

I ask this because the last few (or rather the first few of the year) have been a total blur. Admittedly, I still have that holiday feeling going on in my little apartment. Yes, tree, Christmas lights and all. My last week of December was quite work-filled and while I did quite a bit of shopping, I didn’t manage to get it together enough to by a 2015 calendar. So I still have last year’s hanging on my wall, turned to December, so you could see how this could be confusing.

Ringing in this new year’s was a success, I must say. I always say that I pretty much only need two things to make an evening successful: good food, and good company. I had both. My friend Kelsey decided to come up from Santa Barbara for an impromptu visit, and we decided to celebrate in style with my friend Courtney. This of course translates to applying lots of glittery eye makeup and watching “Magic Mike” whilst eating tacos. (There may or may not have been a “Magic Mike” drinking game involved. Rules: drink every time you see gyrating, and so on…)


Photo c/o Kelsey Tinkham

Our neighborhood bar and taqueria, pre-new-year’s-eve festivities. I’ve discovered the fried chicken taco everyone. Amazing!

It turns out that, out of all my friends, I’m one of the only ones who isn’t afraid of opening a bottle of bubbly. It’s one of my favorite things, actually. I managed to shoot the cork from this bottle of cava across the room! Please also note that while I was inept at taking pictures of my outfit this particular evening, I was, in fact, wearing hot pink pants and my most amazing new shoes.


Photo c/o Kelsey Tinkham

We went out all dressed in black. Like a band. A really classy one. That frequents wine bars.


Post-new year’s countdown. We went home that evening covered in streamers/silly string.

The next morning we did as all good San Franciscans do and spent some time in Dolores Park ringing in the new year with mimosas. I had a hard time keeping up with the conversation, as there were so many adorable dogs running around the park that afternoon. Also, in true San Francisco fashion, there was a rather large drone flying in circles around the park, enjoying its time interrupting people with its loud, mosquito-like whirring. The joys of technology.



Of course, regardless of it being almost 40-degree weather, we trucked over to Bi-Rite for some ice cream as the sun was setting. While I was tempted by the seasonal candy cane flavor, I could no longer feel my feet and figured that ice cream would be counterproductive to the whole staying-warm thing. Look at me! Adulting my way into the new year.

Happy New Year!


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