I’m The Kind of Girl Who…

Hello everyone!


This is me. So obnoxiously excited to be at work that I document it in a selfie when no one is in the office.

I’m really late on the “I’m the kind of girl” post bandwagon, I must say. Here I was, thinking I was being all original, when I stumbled across this post from one of my favorite blogs: I Wore Yoga Pants To Work. As many would say, no art is truly original. I started writing this post in the little pink notebook I carry around with me, and it was further inspired by those gals out there who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

I was always kind of a quirky person. It’s only over the last few years that I’ve had the confidence to really embrace it. When I was younger, I found out that it’s a lot of wasted effort trying to be something other people want you to be. Being as true to yourself, as authentic as possible, is pretty much the best way to earn points with anyone. I’m aware that I’m very much a paradox: the clumsy ballerina, the girl who can get all dressed up and still act like to total goofball. I’m a bit of a weirdo, I’ll admit it. But, it does my heart good when people can laugh with me, and find a place in their hearts for someone who’s openly imperfect.


I’m the kind of girl who…

eats cake for dinner on occasion. Or a pint of ice cream. When I was 18 and living in Santa Barbara I realized that no one could stop me from doing this if I just felt like it. So I did.

talks to other cars on the road while driving. Yes, you Mr. Prius. Make up your mind. Are you turning or going straight? This is San Francisco, and I don’t have all damn day.

will work ten times harder at something if you say I can’t do it. Just watch me. Watch me juggle all the things. I’ll put all my heart and soul into it, too. Whoever first told me I couldn’t dance had another thing coming.

isn’t afraid of being alone. This wasn’t always the case. When I first moved into my apartment I had a hard time sleeping at night, but now I relish the time I have to myself. I can listen to horrible music as much as I want, and walk around my house in heels and no one is there to judge me.

wears vintage/thrifted clothes with my most expensive accessories. I love looking like a million bucks without spending nearly that much. Am so fancy, you guys.

bakes when sad. Totally serious. Whether in the midst of a personal crisis or just having a depressing lazy day for no reason. Want a cake? Done. Maybe I’ll throw a dozen cookies in there too. And some scones. It’s a productive thing to put your energy into; at the end you’re left with a bunch of treats and a house that smells delicious. It’s an instant mood booster.

will read books and watch movies over and over again. You can always tell my favorites by how beat up they are. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Sabrina” are constants in my life.

likes to dance like an idiot out at clubs sometimes. I do the running man, and the sprinkler with inappropriate levels of enthusiasm. If only partially to see peoples’ reactions, seeing as most know I dance for a living. People just need to stop taking themselves so seriously.


sings words during conversation. It was during a recent car ride that I noticed this about myself. A friend of mine started laughing hysterically and I couldn’t figure out why. I guess singing the phrase “heli-copter par-ents” while doing awkward robot arm movements isn’t something that people do on a regular basis.

You can’t make this stuff up. It’ s honestly just how I am.


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