Walks with Theo.

Hello everyone!

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This last Saturday we experienced some unseasonably warm weather. I’m even beginning to feel a bit guilty. While the rest of the country was being blanketed by snow, my friend Sarah and I took a leisurely walk around Lake Temescal with her pup Theo. It was a great way to end my roller coaster-like week. I just threw on my “I Woke Up Like This” shirt after teaching a couple of dance classes and we headed out. There are few friends that I’ve had as long in my life as Sarah. It’s strange to think that, even though 10 years have passed, we’re still doing the same sorts of things, albeit with a little more freedom and the occasional cocktail. We talked about work, dates we’d been on, and the latest developments at the dance studio.

I feel like talking to a good friend can cure an innumerable amount of ills, whether you’re just feeling restless or have big life decisions to make. When I first starting writing on Watch Me Juggle, I had just quit my corporate job, and was looking for a solid direction for my life. Now that I know I’m not the kind of person who can sit at a desk all day, every day, what exactly was I meant to do? Almost everyone I know has a “traditional” desk job, so deviating from that seemed reckless, scary, even. So I spent a little over a year figuring things out. Writing to my heart’s content, picking up jobs where I could, and paying my bills along the way. Having an unstable work schedule does take its toll, so when I was offered a solid position with the ballet company I occasionally work for I was both extremely excited and extremely nervous. I felt like things where happening at me, and that I was suddenly being made to choose between two things I enjoyed doing. Under the pressure, it became apparent to me how much I loved teaching dance, and that I wouldn’t be able to let it go anytime soon, if ever. Just when I was making the decision to walk away from the more stable job I was offered, things suddenly fell into place. In life, sometimes you have to stand up for the things you want. Sometimes, you have to be willing walk away for better things to come along. They might not come in the form you imagined, and it might not be as easy as you thought, but I’m convinced it’s worth it.

 Yes, we covered all this on our walk with Theo. When you’re lucky enough to have friends you can rely on, and who will give you advice when asked or listen to you without judgement, don’t let them go (obviously). I would have hard time making all my decisions with out them. Well, I could have done it, but it sure wouldn’t have been as fun…

And then we went out for ice cream.


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