Five Things

Hello all!

Today was my first full day of work in the office, and I’ve decided to celebrate a job well done with a fresh batch of brownies. I was a bit worried about how my week would pan out, and I’m pleasantly surprised. Sure, I’m busy, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable- in fact, it’s sort of nice. I commuted by ferry into San Francisco today, which is a wonderful way to decompress both before and after work. And, thanks to my brownie adventure, I’ve also discovered another big perk of living alone: no one is around to see your batter-covered face lick the whisk. It’s one of those things you know is 800 kinds of wrong as you do it, but that certainly doesn’t stop you.

Now that I’ve proven my adulthood through the course of the day (Emails! Phone calls! Unburnt dinner!), I’m looking forward to sharing this last week’s Five Things with you, dear readers. Off we go!


The last throwback photo from the San Francisco Ballet’s gala a few weeks ago. I love this picture I took of the flower arrangements adorning each bar. They guaranteed that you always had something pretty to look at while waiting for your glass of prosecco.


I allowed myself one coffee break during the day, so I made sure it was a good one. This Blue Bottle kiosk seems to have lines at all hours of the day, despite being tucked away in its own little niche in Hayes Valley.

IMG_3354I recently discovered a new favorite Instagram account: @iamhertribe. It’s inspirational without being schmaltzy, and I find myself relating to every post lately. Just “go dancing or something…”


One of my students gifted me these beautiful, handmade earrings last week. It was such a sweet gesture, and exactly what I needed when I was feeling less-than-stellar. The young dancers I work with have so much potential- I hope I’ll get to see what they’ll be doing with their bright futures. Good kids, all of them.


I found these new and very bright blue suede and cork wedges from DV by Dolce Vita at the local Salvation Army the other day. I took advantage of the oddly warm weather and wore them out last Saturday night with a pair skinny jeans. They made me at least a foot taller! I amused myself by hitting every crosswalk button I came across with my knee, I was that tall.

Typical Watch Me Juggle shenanigans…


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