How to Win at Cars

Hello all!

Well, it’s been interesting.

Every year, June brings around a number of fun events: music festivals, birthdays, pool parties, graduation parties…you name it. Today’s story begins when my good friend Rachel, who appears often on this blog, and I decided to attend one of our mutual friend’s graduation party here in town. It was a lovely, sunny day and the party was well-stocked with food, wine, and good company. When it came time for us to leave, we said our good-byes, and headed out the door. Our cars were, conveniently, parked right next to each other on the street; everything seemed to be just fine, until I noticed that rather than getting into her car, Rachel was standing by the door just groaning. Obviously not a good sign. Her keys were sitting in the cup-holder, locked inside her car.

What made this situation even better was that there were no spare keys in existence, and, while we could call AAA, ain’t nobody got time for that. So, we did the next best thing. Google.


Apparently, using a wire hanger to break into your own car is a legitimate thing, and I didn’t know it until wikiHow was there to tell me all about it. While I was Googling up a storm, Rachel was on Youtube looking up video demonstrations on how to unlock her Grand Cherokee. We did find this very interesting tutorial that was, while roundabout, seemingly helpful .

Who knew you could unscrew the antenna?! You learn something new everyday. Well, despite our best efforts, we were unsuccessful in getting the antennae anywhere remotely near the door unlock button.  We decided to go to Plan B.


These hangers were Plan B, in case you were wondering.


So, picture this: two grown women, parked in a suburban neighborhood, running around with 15 wire hangers and crawling all over the car. Yeah, I’m sure it looked as absurd as it sounds. Luckily, my car is like a closet on wheels, which meant that I had a plethora of random things, including hangers, at my disposal. Rachel’s sunroof was slightly broken and wouldn’t close all the way, so our new plan-of-action was to lower a hanger through the gap in the roof, and fish the keys out of the cup-holder below. Rachel stood below using both hands to keep the sunroof open, while I squatted on the roof of her car like a monkey with my face pressed to the sunroof, trying to see if the hook we fashioned out of three hangers was remotely near the keys inside.

After pushing the keys around with the hook for a while, I managed to snag them. Conveniently, a neighbor who had probably been watching this whole show, decided to come out of his house to ask if we needed any help at this very moment.  My response was:

IGOTTHEM!!! No, uh, thank you…we’re just fine.”

And then I tossed the keys to Rachel and we went out for margaritas.


The end.


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