How to Stay Sane and Other Things…

Hello all!

I do believe this week is the craziest I’ve had yet. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the craziness is quite exciting. It’s our “big show” week at the studio, which means a week full of extra rehearsals on top of all the plans that I’m trying to cram in.

So, I’m going to do what all the other proper adults do: explain my thoughts using Jenna Marbles gifs. You’re welcome. Here are a few of my own tips and tricks that I use to keep myself sane during those less than relaxing times in life.


Don’t over-caffeinate

I learned this one myself the hard way. Coffee is always a treat for me, and holding a warm cup in your hands during your commute or at the office can be comforting. Over do it, and not only will you still have a high stress level, but now you’ll also be unable to blink. The same goes for your favorite adult beverage. Alcohol is a depressant, so no matter how nice that extra cocktail might feel now, wearing sunglasses at your desk is never a good look. Remember: moderation!



This is a tip straight from my mother. As frustrating as it is, sometimes this is all you can do. As a technique to stave off all the anxiety/impending doom/existential dread, I like to count my breaths. Count to seven when you breathe in, ten when you breath out. Just make sure the exhale is longer than your inhale, as this sends good, calming signals to your brain.

Take care of yourself! 

When stressed, everyone has the tendency to neglect themselves. Skipping meals, not sleeping enough, and over-booking your schedule only make things worse. Make sure all of your basic needs get met, at the very least.


And, on this note…

Say “No”

Remember your cousin’s neighbor’s friend’s birthday party that you said you would go to a month ago when you didn’t have all this crap to do? During times like this, it’s ok to prioritize your own needs. Let yourself say ‘no.’ If you, like me, feel terribly guilty or suffer from the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out), make a compromise.


Surround yourself with the White Light

Sometimes, being an adult means doing things you would really rather not do. Which is ok. Sometimes things like this are unavoidable (the DMV, the dentist, that 3 hour work meeting) and you just need to put on your big girl pants and do them. If you anticipate things going badly, or being excessively stressful, do what I do: surround yourself with the “white light.” I like to think that I’m made of Teflon, and I can let all the negative things slide right off of me.

Do the things! 

Do the things that make you happy! Make your passions a priority. Or maybe your life needs a few re-runs, ice cream, and some quiet time at home. Do whatever you like to do to make yourself feel better and don’t apologize.


One thing at a time…

When things get overwhelming it’s often because we’re looking at the big picture. The big picture can be scary, don’t look there. Tackle one task at a time, and soon you’ll feel back in control.

Fake it ’til you make it

You can’t have all your ducks in a row all the time- it’s just not possible. Cut yourself some slack and focus on the things that you are doing well. You got out of bed today! That credit card bill, you paid it!  Go you! That’s more than many people can do, so pat yourself on the back and be grateful. You might not always feel like it, but you’re doing just fine.


EVA  ♥

How to Win at Cars

Hello all!

Well, it’s been interesting.

Every year, June brings around a number of fun events: music festivals, birthdays, pool parties, graduation parties…you name it. Today’s story begins when my good friend Rachel, who appears often on this blog, and I decided to attend one of our mutual friend’s graduation party here in town. It was a lovely, sunny day and the party was well-stocked with food, wine, and good company. When it came time for us to leave, we said our good-byes, and headed out the door. Our cars were, conveniently, parked right next to each other on the street; everything seemed to be just fine, until I noticed that rather than getting into her car, Rachel was standing by the door just groaning. Obviously not a good sign. Her keys were sitting in the cup-holder, locked inside her car.

What made this situation even better was that there were no spare keys in existence, and, while we could call AAA, ain’t nobody got time for that. So, we did the next best thing. Google.


Apparently, using a wire hanger to break into your own car is a legitimate thing, and I didn’t know it until wikiHow was there to tell me all about it. While I was Googling up a storm, Rachel was on Youtube looking up video demonstrations on how to unlock her Grand Cherokee. We did find this very interesting tutorial that was, while roundabout, seemingly helpful .

Who knew you could unscrew the antenna?! You learn something new everyday. Well, despite our best efforts, we were unsuccessful in getting the antennae anywhere remotely near the door unlock button.  We decided to go to Plan B.


These hangers were Plan B, in case you were wondering.


So, picture this: two grown women, parked in a suburban neighborhood, running around with 15 wire hangers and crawling all over the car. Yeah, I’m sure it looked as absurd as it sounds. Luckily, my car is like a closet on wheels, which meant that I had a plethora of random things, including hangers, at my disposal. Rachel’s sunroof was slightly broken and wouldn’t close all the way, so our new plan-of-action was to lower a hanger through the gap in the roof, and fish the keys out of the cup-holder below. Rachel stood below using both hands to keep the sunroof open, while I squatted on the roof of her car like a monkey with my face pressed to the sunroof, trying to see if the hook we fashioned out of three hangers was remotely near the keys inside.

After pushing the keys around with the hook for a while, I managed to snag them. Conveniently, a neighbor who had probably been watching this whole show, decided to come out of his house to ask if we needed any help at this very moment.  My response was:

IGOTTHEM!!! No, uh, thank you…we’re just fine.”

And then I tossed the keys to Rachel and we went out for margaritas.


The end.