Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

Hello all!

Happy holidays! As many of you who know me in “real life” have heard, I finally managed to get myself to a Christmas party this last week. It was no easy feat, and involved some rush shipping on a party dress, an interesting hair appointment, and a quick change backstage while working in the theater. But, I made it! A big special thanks to the ladies of Smuin Ballet who helped me get ready. Sometimes a lady needs a second (third, or fourth) opinion when picking accessories.

Unbeknownst to me, I was attending what is known around here as the “Marina Prom:” The Annual Guardsmen Tree Lot Party. Yes, it was a party on a Christmas tree lot, and no, it was thankfully not outside. It was, however, located in a very large warehouse that was spectacularly decorated for the evening with ice sculptures, snow, and, of course, lots of Christmas trees!

IMG_4494 IMG_4513 IMG_4512 IMG_4524 IMG_4506 IMG_4516


The look of excitement the accompanies not only an open bar, but a fully-stocked snack table!


Dress: ASOS Petite, Shoes: BCBG



Not pictured above was: the electric violinist in a light-up suit accompanying the DJ, the Guardsmen bartenders serving drinks in their jumpsuits and bow-ties, men in snowflake pattern suits, and me walking off with a prop styrofoam present that was placed under one of the Christmas trees. Ridiculous things always seem like a good idea when you’re having a good time with friends.

The holidays tend to be a particular hectic time, and I try to schedule fun outings and meet-ups with friends, when I can. Walking down the red carpet and taking endless amounts of pictures was certainly worth the holiday kerfuffle. A lot of this takes a little extra effort, but is always worth it in the end. I’m hoping to make the Tree Lot Party an annual treat for my friends and I.



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