Holiday Roundup

Hello everyone!

She’s back, ladies and gentlemen! I’m sure you all can commiserate with how hectic the holidays can be sometimes. I’m sure you’ve all also had that feeling where things get so hectic, that, rather than doing anything productive, you end up sitting around your house doing absolutely nothing. This is the obvious solution, yes? I’ve certainly experienced this phenomenon to a degree lately, and find that sometimes the best way to cope with the “Holiday Hangover” is to give into the urge to do laze about and do nothing. When I wasn’t working, or at some sort of holiday party, I was napping. My coworkers once found me curled up in a ball, under a makeup table between shows, asleep. While this isn’t the most productive way to deal with stress, I found that all the extra sleep did prevent me from getting the plague, and also slowed me down enough that I wasn’t overbooking my schedule as I so often like to do.

The 2016 holiday season passed me by in a sort of blur. I did manage to get myself together enough to send out ridiculous Christmas cards (as is tradition), which spurred an impromptu photo shoot in the hallway of my building, complete with my Christmas tree and…(wait for it)…my new Louboutins! Sure, my house was a complete mess of discarded shoes, shopping bags, and half-drunk bottles of wine, but I’d like to think that I managed to adult my way through life just fine for the last few weeks.



Some step-and-repeat action at the annual Tree Lot Party.


All of my people in one place at Smuin’s “Christmas Ballet.”


img_6409 img_6454
Santa brought me a Christmas Eve sweetheart!

Even though I’ve felt utterly unproductive these past few days, I’ve been unendingly grateful to the people who have stuck by me through a rather rough holiday season. Let’s face it, it’s not all it’s always cracked up to be, but it’s the people who support and encourage you in life that make it all worthwhile. Just a kind word or simple conversation can make all the difference in a person’s day. (It certainly has for me!) So happy (belated) holidays! I’m still not done being festive here in Watch Me Juggle-land, and yes, I do still have my Christmas tree up. Here’s to the next year! May there be many more adventures.


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

Hello all!

Happy holidays! As many of you who know me in “real life” have heard, I finally managed to get myself to a Christmas party this last week. It was no easy feat, and involved some rush shipping on a party dress, an interesting hair appointment, and a quick change backstage while working in the theater. But, I made it! A big special thanks to the ladies of Smuin Ballet who helped me get ready. Sometimes a lady needs a second (third, or fourth) opinion when picking accessories.

Unbeknownst to me, I was attending what is known around here as the “Marina Prom:” The Annual Guardsmen Tree Lot Party. Yes, it was a party on a Christmas tree lot, and no, it was thankfully not outside. It was, however, located in a very large warehouse that was spectacularly decorated for the evening with ice sculptures, snow, and, of course, lots of Christmas trees!

IMG_4494 IMG_4513 IMG_4512 IMG_4524 IMG_4506 IMG_4516


The look of excitement the accompanies not only an open bar, but a fully-stocked snack table!


Dress: ASOS Petite, Shoes: BCBG



Not pictured above was: the electric violinist in a light-up suit accompanying the DJ, the Guardsmen bartenders serving drinks in their jumpsuits and bow-ties, men in snowflake pattern suits, and me walking off with a prop styrofoam present that was placed under one of the Christmas trees. Ridiculous things always seem like a good idea when you’re having a good time with friends.

The holidays tend to be a particular hectic time, and I try to schedule fun outings and meet-ups with friends, when I can. Walking down the red carpet and taking endless amounts of pictures was certainly worth the holiday kerfuffle. A lot of this takes a little extra effort, but is always worth it in the end. I’m hoping to make the Tree Lot Party an annual treat for my friends and I.