Hey all!

On a dark and stormy night not too long ago, I made my way to Woods Beer Co. in downtown Oakland to partake in some cookie beer. You heard me right…Cookie. Beer. It’s as fun as it sounds.

IMG_4834 IMG_4835 IMG_4836 IMG_4837

This year marked the second annual release of Woods’ limited edition Girl-Scout-cookie-inspired line of beers. There was a little something for everyone: two ales, a dubbel, a stout, and a porter. As usual, I couldn’t decide and immediately settled on trying all of them in one fell swoop. In the spirit of Girl Scout themed things, along with my beer flight, I was surprised with my very own Bay Area merit badge for hill parking. As I was never part of a troupe when I was younger, this made me inordinately happy. There were also badges for water conservation, bearing the words “Let it Mellow,” and something that had to do with excellence in saving seats at the bar. Driving around San Francisco as much as I do, my prowess definitely lies in hill parking.

The beer itself was delicious, of course. I was surprised that I enjoyed the golden shortbread ale and the peanut butter cream ale the most. I usually tend to gravitate towards darker beers (namely porters and stouts). I was also very intrigued by the beer version of a thin mint: the chocolate peppermint porter. The first few sips reminded me quite a bit of peppermint tea. Woods also gets major points in my book for pairing each beer alongside each cookie that inspired it. I enjoyed taking sips of my beer interspersed with bites of cookie. It was the perfect activity for a rainy Saturday night in, although I would highly recommend it any day of the week. I’m hoping to visit the brewery again soon to grab a big glass of shortbread-flavored ale and collect another merit badge or two. Apparently, you can have your cake (cookie?) and drink it too!


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