Hey all!

On a dark and stormy night not too long ago, I made my way to Woods Beer Co. in downtown Oakland to partake in some cookie beer. You heard me right…Cookie. Beer. It’s as fun as it sounds.

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This year marked the second annual release of Woods’ limited edition Girl-Scout-cookie-inspired line of beers. There was a little something for everyone: two ales, a dubbel, a stout, and a porter. As usual, I couldn’t decide and immediately settled on trying all of them in one fell swoop. In the spirit of Girl Scout themed things, along with my beer flight, I was surprised with my very own Bay Area merit badge for hill parking. As I was never part of a troupe when I was younger, this made me inordinately happy. There were also badges for water conservation, bearing the words “Let it Mellow,” and something that had to do with excellence in saving seats at the bar. Driving around San Francisco as much as I do, my prowess definitely lies in hill parking.

The beer itself was delicious, of course. I was surprised that I enjoyed the golden shortbread ale and the peanut butter cream ale the most. I usually tend to gravitate towards darker beers (namely porters and stouts). I was also very intrigued by the beer version of a thin mint: the chocolate peppermint porter. The first few sips reminded me quite a bit of peppermint tea. Woods also gets major points in my book for pairing each beer alongside each cookie that inspired it. I enjoyed taking sips of my beer interspersed with bites of cookie. It was the perfect activity for a rainy Saturday night in, although I would highly recommend it any day of the week. I’m hoping to visit the brewery again soon to grab a big glass of shortbread-flavored ale and collect another merit badge or two. Apparently, you can have your cake (cookie?) and drink it too!


Five Things

Hi everyone!

Five Things has quickly become the milepost of my week, that and Jenna Marbles’ videos, the joys of  Wednesday!  This week has been an interesting one, punctuated with sighs from yours truly. It’s a funny thing that I’ve noticed about myself lately. Whenever I find I have a lot on my mind, or if I’m feeling down-in-the-dumps, I’ll let out a big sigh. I didn’t notice it until recently, when the woman sitting next to me on my day-to-day commute started looking at me oddly. I get so preoccupied sometimes I think I forget to take deep breaths. Does this happen to any of you, dear readers? Like many things, I guess it could be worse.

I digress, as always, but Five Things means that there are pictures of puppies and/or cocktails that have come to save the day! Let’s get to it…


I’ve been mildly fascinated with the Parisian-style macaroons at Chantal Guillon in San Francisco, as of late. I really enjoy all the creative flavors, and will one day need to find an excuse to buy a whole box full. They sure are pretty to look at.


Photo c/o PopSugar

I’ve been fascinated with these trendy Flash tattoos as of late. I’m just dying to get my hands on pack and go completely overboard. It’s like semi-permanent jewelry! I can just imagine myself teaching ballet class in a leotard and entirely gold arms. As if my students don’t think I’m quirky enough already…


Adventures of Maddie the Dog return. In this episode, Maddie enjoys being tucked in while simultaneously taking up the whole couch. Bless her, she’s a funny one.


My girlfriends and I discovered another quintessentially hipster bar in downtown Oakland over the weekend. We had a hard time finding the Double Standard, but enjoyed it once we got past the rather foreboding, graffiti covered entrance.


Meanwhile, I introduced the boss lady to some of the finer points of Pinterest, and her pinning enthusiasm has worn off on me. You can find my Pinterest boards here. hey’re a work in progress, and I sense quite a bit more to come! My personal favorite has to be my “Notable Quotes. Quotable Notes” board- it’s where I keep the simple quote above.  It’s a beautiful reminder that everyone needs now and again.

Until next time,