Five Things

Hi everyone!

After a slight hiatus, Five Things is finally  back! This last week, or few weeks, rather, has been a parade of gloomy weather, breakfasts on the run, and re-runs of my favorite tv shows. Not too inspiring, I’ll be quite honest. I have, however, had a bit of time to catch up with some of my favorite blogs before bedtime. I’ve been particularly enjoying The Other Juliette, buy now blog later,  and Hello October, just to name a few. There’s a wealth of amazing blogging inspiration out there. Although, there’s nothing quite like writing your own.

On that note, here are this week’s Five Things!


Nothing is a better end to a long day than spending time with a few friends and a couple of chocolate milkshakes. I’ve long written about my “happy place” in St. Helena, and it turns out there’s a little bit of it in San Francisco proper.

I recently treated myself to a manicure with Essie’s A Splash of Grenadine polish. It’s such a happy, orchid sort-of purple I decided to paint my toes to match. On another note, I’m in desperate need of a new organizational system for my makeup. Or perhaps just a little spring cleaning?


I’ve been newly introduced to the popular Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. It’s such a pretty highlight- I’m sure I probably abuse by generally applying it everywhere.


Swimsuit season is upon us! I recently purchased two new swimsuits at Nordstrom, both from Blush by Profile. I just love their flattering styles and fun prints. I’m determined to get as much use out of them as possible in the coming months, gloom or not!


One of the perks of my work schedule is that I can take the San Francisco Bay Ferry at least once a week, if not more. It’s really a great way to get to and from San Francisco. The ferry typically ventures through the port of Oakland before going under the Bay Bridge and docking at the Ferry Building in San Francisco’s Financial District. This last week, I even had the pleasure of seeing the USS Potomac, FDR’s historic presidential yacht usually docked in Oakland, out and about in the Bay.

Something new every day!


Five Things

Hi all!

If you’re relatively new to Watch Me Juggle, there’s a distinct pattern here you might notice. Every week, usually on a Wednesday, I like to do a little post called “Five Things.” Originally inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, these generally feature five glimpses into my life. Glimpses of things that have caught my eye, made me laugh, or made me think- sometimes a combination of all three. Oh, and also “Five Things” sometimes turns into a stream-of-consciousness post that contains everything that possibly comes to mind at the moment. Makes sense, right? We all have to put those things somewhere.

 This week’s “Five Things” contains a little bit of everything from my many moments out and about. So.. let’s get to it!


In the wake of the big gala I helped organize at work, I took myself out for a little mani-pedi. I’m the worst when it comes to committing to a color (it’s embarrassing how long it takes me, really), so, I thought it was only appropriate to do a ballet-themed manicure. The two colors pictured are from OPI: I Love Applause, topped with Pirouette My Whistle. Maybe it’s totally crazy, but it made me happy!


On my way to work one afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a little Pinkberry. I don’t tend to vary my toppings up too much. I’m a fan of the chocolate-strawberry combination, if you couldn’t already tell! it turned out so beautifully, I had to be a ridiculous girl and take a picture of my yogurt. Again, embarrassing behavior, I know…


(Excuse my scary dancer feet- they’re not as bad as they used to be!)

My sore feet and I finally caved and bought some “practical” shoes at the Nordstrom triple point sale this last weekend. These are the Silver and Pearl White Gizeh sandals from Birkenstock. I ended up buying the white and love how comfortable they are!


Deal of the day! Nordstrom has been featuring these exclusive, pre-set Mac Pro-palettes lately. If I didn’t already own more eyeshadow than I knew what to do with, I would have absolutely snatched this beautiful, neutral palette up.


There’s a new trend beginning in restaurants: tip-included dining. I experienced this first-hand on my visit to Bar Agricole in San Francisco over the weekend. Carefully-crafted cocktails and a rustic food menu make it well worth a trip. Pictured above is their signature brandy “Sleepyhead” cocktail. Brady, champagne, ginger and mint- delicious!