Five Things

Hi everyone!

After a slight hiatus, Five Things is finally  back! This last week, or few weeks, rather, has been a parade of gloomy weather, breakfasts on the run, and re-runs of my favorite tv shows. Not too inspiring, I’ll be quite honest. I have, however, had a bit of time to catch up with some of my favorite blogs before bedtime. I’ve been particularly enjoying The Other Juliette, buy now blog later,  and Hello October, just to name a few. There’s a wealth of amazing blogging inspiration out there. Although, there’s nothing quite like writing your own.

On that note, here are this week’s Five Things!


Nothing is a better end to a long day than spending time with a few friends and a couple of chocolate milkshakes. I’ve long written about my “happy place” in St. Helena, and it turns out there’s a little bit of it in San Francisco proper.

I recently treated myself to a manicure with Essie’s A Splash of Grenadine polish. It’s such a happy, orchid sort-of purple I decided to paint my toes to match. On another note, I’m in desperate need of a new organizational system for my makeup. Or perhaps just a little spring cleaning?


I’ve been newly introduced to the popular Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. It’s such a pretty highlight- I’m sure I probably abuse by generally applying it everywhere.


Swimsuit season is upon us! I recently purchased two new swimsuits at Nordstrom, both from Blush by Profile. I just love their flattering styles and fun prints. I’m determined to get as much use out of them as possible in the coming months, gloom or not!


One of the perks of my work schedule is that I can take the San Francisco Bay Ferry at least once a week, if not more. It’s really a great way to get to and from San Francisco. The ferry typically ventures through the port of Oakland before going under the Bay Bridge and docking at the Ferry Building in San Francisco’s Financial District. This last week, I even had the pleasure of seeing the USS Potomac, FDR’s historic presidential yacht usually docked in Oakland, out and about in the Bay.

Something new every day!


Everyday is Valentine’s Day

Hello all, and Happy Sunday!

I hope many of you out there are out and about, enjoying your long President’s Day weekend. Earlier I jokingly tweeted that “I think I’m going to have to re-name my blog to ‘Watch Me Watchtoomuchrealitytv, Drinktoomuchcoffee & Shop online.'” Which is pretty much all I’ve done with my day thus far. It’s quickly become my pattern on Sundays, I start out with ambitious plans, only to laze about at home for a good five hours sustained only by coffee. Seeing as my Saturdays tend to be the day I get everything done, whether it be socializing, cleaning, or running necessary errands, I’ve come to enjoy the low-key start to my week.

Seeing as this last Saturday was Valentine’s Day, however, I took full advantage of the holiday with a little Valentine’s-themed shopping and dining. What started out as running routine errands quickly turned into a chocolate and handbag buying adventure. Which, let’s face it, is an all too typical event in my life.


I fell in love with this “Ballet bag” from Sam & Libby. I’ve been looking for a great tote bag to give my Longchamps Le Pliage a break, and this one fit the bill. It even has a little zip compartment at the bottom specifically made for your flats. Brilliant! I also picked up Essie’s iconic nailpolish in Fiji, and a few truffles from See’s.


I got many a homemade Valentine from my students this week. So sweet- they were my favorite by far.


These lovely tulips were waiting for me at my doorstep in the evening. A nice surprise.


And, lastly, Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without an homage to my boyfriend: coffee. I finally managed to pick up one of these witty coffee mugs at Target. I had my morning coffee in it today, with my Royal Apothic Hot House Peonie candle making my house smell amazing. ‘Twas a good day. Especially when I decided to smile extra big at the scruffy bakery guy and he doubled my order. I’m a big believer in paying it forward. If someone brightens your day, take it upon yourself to brighten someone else’s. Make everyday a little bit special- like Valentine’s Day.