Five Things

Hello everyone!

I hope this week’s Five Things finds you well. I must say, I found myself desperately wishing for more house in the day, that or the ability to function on two hours of sleep. While neither of these are feasible, I figured you just have to make due. Even right now, I stopped typing momentarily to check in for an upcoming flight. I’m heading to San Diego this weekend for a long-anticipated girls’ trip! Eight of us are hunkering down in a condo downtown, so it’s bound to be lots of fun (which means it’s bound to end up on Watch Me Juggle). So, before I head off to pack, here are this week’s Five Things:


In case you missed my favorite new perfume’s cameo in my previous post, here it is: Flowerbomb. I never thought I would gravitate to such a popular fragrance, especially since a few of my friends already wear it, but I’ve come to love it. I took to wearing a sample that I had hidden away in a drawer, and loved the way it made me feel extra polished on evenings out. A new fragrance can change everything, didn’t you know?


I ventured into Footcandy the other day with my girlfriends for the first time. They have such a fun and fabulous assortment of shoes, and quite an extensive sale section, which surprised me. I think the crystal studded Jimmy Choos on the bottom shelf were some of my favorites!


What work day isn’t brightened up by a Blue Bottle latte? Funny how the simplest things can make you instantly happy.


This is how I celebrated my Valentine’s day with friends. I felt it was a very appropriate start to what turned out to be a very elegant meal.


On a whim, I popped this fresh orchid in my hair when I left to teach class today. It was a surprising little pick me up. Also a good way to spruce up a boring ballet bun!


Everyday is Valentine’s Day

Hello all, and Happy Sunday!

I hope many of you out there are out and about, enjoying your long President’s Day weekend. Earlier I jokingly tweeted that “I think I’m going to have to re-name my blog to ‘Watch Me Watchtoomuchrealitytv, Drinktoomuchcoffee & Shop online.'” Which is pretty much all I’ve done with my day thus far. It’s quickly become my pattern on Sundays, I start out with ambitious plans, only to laze about at home for a good five hours sustained only by coffee. Seeing as my Saturdays tend to be the day I get everything done, whether it be socializing, cleaning, or running necessary errands, I’ve come to enjoy the low-key start to my week.

Seeing as this last Saturday was Valentine’s Day, however, I took full advantage of the holiday with a little Valentine’s-themed shopping and dining. What started out as running routine errands quickly turned into a chocolate and handbag buying adventure. Which, let’s face it, is an all too typical event in my life.


I fell in love with this “Ballet bag” from Sam & Libby. I’ve been looking for a great tote bag to give my Longchamps Le Pliage a break, and this one fit the bill. It even has a little zip compartment at the bottom specifically made for your flats. Brilliant! I also picked up Essie’s iconic nailpolish in Fiji, and a few truffles from See’s.


I got many a homemade Valentine from my students this week. So sweet- they were my favorite by far.


These lovely tulips were waiting for me at my doorstep in the evening. A nice surprise.


And, lastly, Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without an homage to my boyfriend: coffee. I finally managed to pick up one of these witty coffee mugs at Target. I had my morning coffee in it today, with my Royal Apothic Hot House Peonie candle making my house smell amazing. ‘Twas a good day. Especially when I decided to smile extra big at the scruffy bakery guy and he doubled my order. I’m a big believer in paying it forward. If someone brightens your day, take it upon yourself to brighten someone else’s. Make everyday a little bit special- like Valentine’s Day.