First World Problems

Hello all!

Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective. Occasionally, things tend to not go quite my way, as they do for anyone, but lately I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been jinxed. Everyday this week, I’ve attempted to leave my house extra early in the morning, only to somehow consistently arrive late to wherever I’m going. I’ve also somehow managed to almost trip myself while simultaneously stepping on a stranger’s foot so hard that his shoe almost came off. Oh, and my internet is down. I repeat, my internet and cable is down.

200 (1)

I will be spending the foreseeable future in many coffee shops attempting to contact the outside world. Or holed up in my house making cookies while watching the same Redbox dvd rental over and over. I guess you could call this a “first world problem.” (Except not really, because everyone’s lives here in the Bay Area seem to revolve around access to the internet. Guess I won’t be able to work from home any time soon.) But, really, the whole concept of first world problems is interesting. The term itself implies that they, ironically enough, aren’t really problems at all. Alternatively, you could look at these problems as the ones you thank our President Obama for.

200 (2)

They’re the kinds of problems people wish they had. If you’ve made it to the point where your biggest issue is that your fresh bottle of kombucha isn’t very fizzy, you’ve done good, kid. Here are some of the first world problems I’ve recently stumbled upon:

Your pizza tracker isn’t working. 

Domino’s, this one is for you. I excitedly ordered a pizza on my phone the other evening while working at the studio. I was really amused that I could see my pizza’s progress. Now it’s being made! Now it’s in the oven! Now it’s….Hey! Where did my pizza go?! What am I supposed to do with myself now while I wait?! I actually had to guess when my pizza was ready.

You missed the green light.

I walk quite a bit in my day-to-day life. If I have somewhere pressing to be, I don’t like to stop for anyone or anything. There is nothing more frustrating than the futile speed walk that happens when you see the “good time to walk” signal and are still too far away to make it. Sometimes I wonder if things like that can change your fate. Suddenly, it’s not such a first world problem anymore.

“Hey” texts

Uh…hi. What is the purpose of this? Seeing as you can’t even figure out how to interact via text, I do not have high hopes for this interaction in person. These are best left alone. “Hey” stop bothering me.

You bought something at full price, only to have it go on sale moments later. 

I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions, and it’s somehow devastating each time. It’s a small consolation that, if I ever do buy something full price, it’s because I like it. A lot. Sometimes I feel the strange need to just buy another one of whatever suddenly went on sale. That will show them! Stupid store.

You don’t know who the people in your Facebook newsfeed are anymore, because half of them recently got married and changed their names. 


This gif explains it all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen things posted on my Facebook, only to have no idea who “Christina XYZ” is. Hi, stranger! Do I know you? How did your puppy get on my newsfeed? It’s only after further research that I realize I went to college/danced with/met this person as a party 5 years ago. Mystery solved.

You don’t know/can’t figure out the wifi password. 

Again, self-explanatory. I also have no love for the people who make their passwords insanely complicated. I do not have time to type all those numbers and letters out; there’s a kitten meme I have to show you.

The movie you want to see is sold out. 

This happened with a friend of mine a while ago. We went to see Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck and couldn’t get in. The next theater we went to, same thing! We ended up buying tickets to the very last showing instead and killed some time with margaritas at Chevy’s. Everyone’s a winner in the end, right?


You don’t want to download the Facebook messenger app.

Facebook, please stop being so convoluted. I just want to chat with people and I find it really obnoxious that I need to check my email notifications or use an actual computer to see what my friends said. When is an app within an app ever necessary? Hint: it’s not.

You don’t understand snapchat. 

I’m perhaps dating myself, but everytime I see one of my students acting like a doof (making weird faces, staring at their phones unblinkingly for long periods of time), I assume they’re on Snapchat. I don’t know what the fuss is all about. There’s a story, a bunch of crazy filters, and the snaps all disappear after 24 hours? I don’t understand. This seems too hard. Pardon me while I mix up my Metamucil.

Whatever your first world problems turn out to be, keep on keeping on! They’re all silly in the end, so don’t let them ruin your day. If you think about them the right way, you can absolutely change these negatives into positives. Don’t take life too seriously, practice being grateful, and know that, in the grand scheme of things, we’re pretty darn lucky.



Five Things

Hi everyone!

My Five Things for the week are truly indicative of my life lately. Meaning, that my life has consisted of cold brew coffee/cocktails/coffee cocktails, inspirational Pinterest quotes, snarky T-shirts, and chocolate. In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m a horrible stereotype of a 20-something woman and need to be stopped. But, at the end of the day, at least I’m not accosting you with my crazy outfits from Coachella. You’re welcome.


Prizefighter is quickly becoming one of my favorite East Bay bars. It has everything you might need: snacks, delicious cocktails, and puppies. I often come here over other spots just to play with stranger’s dogs. They do get bonus points for having a section of their menu dedicated to alcoholic iced coffees. Win!


There’s the most wonderful little wine shop that sells European cheeses and chocolates. I like to stop by occasionally and grab lunch there while ogling all their treats.

FullSizeRender (1)

My friend Rachel recently introduced me to a marvelous new thing: Creme de Violette. It makes your cocktails this beautiful violet color, and tastes amazing! I like it best in my gin and tonics.

FullSizeRender (2)

Photo c/o Pinterest

Sometimes I wish life could be this simple. Perhaps it’s just up to you! Go get yourself some ice cream and forget about those people, and, although violence is never the answer, I’m sure there are a few individuals out there who merit this quote. Thanks for the wisdom, Frank Ocean.


Photo c/o Thug Life Shirts

A friend recently showed me this t-shirt and pronounced that it was entirely me. I also like hiking, as long as I can wear my yoga pants and bring my traveling latte. I could spend a great deal of time perusing all of the tops at Thug Life Shirts– they’re all hilarious. I could never decide on just one.

Until next time!


Kids Continue to be Hilarious: Part 4

Hello everyone!



It’s finally time for Part IV of My “Kids Are Hilarious” saga (here’s Part I, Part II, and Part III)!

At this point, I’ve most likely forgotten the vast majority of ridiculous kid stories. It’s safe to say that they’re pretty much a constant in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I often keep these little anecdotes in my back pocket to bust out in most social situations. Lull in the conversation? Share a kid story. Awkward silence in a meeting? How about a kid story? Need some good brunch conversation? BAM! Kid story! And, without further introduction, I give you a few of the most recent gems, straight out of my students’ mouths.


One of my students ran up to me one morning and excitedly pointed out that she was wearing “lipstick” that day. It was marshmallow lipstick. She then demanded “Do you want to smell my lips? Smell my lips!” 

Twice a year, we open our studio space to visitors who would like to observe class. I’ve noticed that the littlest ones often bring the biggest entourages, which can be quite distracting at times. This last Visit Day, I had one of my students run up to her grandmother in the middle of class, lift up her tutu, turn around, and demand “Pinch my booty!! PINCH MY BOOTY.” She refused to dance until they had all done so.

Some of the best moments seem to happen when there is an audience present. On another Visit Day, while I was coaching the kids on how to properly stand at the ballet barre, one of my students decided to loudly elaborate on why we don’t hang on the barres: “Because, if you hang on the barres, they could fall on you and crack your head open and then there will be blood. Blood everywhere, and your brains could come out. And then you’ll cry and cry and then the ambulance has to come.” After this, I had to turn to our audience and reassure them that we had not had any major accidents involving the barres.

Although most of these quotes come straight from their little brains totally unbidden, I can usually count on our “talk time” during class (aka: the “Question of the Day”)  to provide me with some interesting insight into their worlds.

In response to “What is your favorite flower?” We got: A Hi-biscuit. 

“What’s your favorite kind of candy? A muffin…but with frosting.”That’s a cupcake, right?

A few weeks ago, I asked them what their favorite thing about springtime was. The answers were typical things like butterflies, rainbows, and sunshine. What I wasn’t expecting was for one of my students to yell “JESUS!! JESUS. He is the king!” 

 When I asked one of my students what her favorite sandwich was, I got something that sounded like “Iliiiithekiindwiththemannoooandapeaandda…. an’ wainnnbow sprinkles.” Needless to say, I sometimes have a hard time understanding her. However, I feel a little less bad when other students have an equally hard time. “At home, I have a Frozenyuckis!” While I asked her to repeat herself, one of the neighboring five-year-olds looked up at me, bewildered, and asked “What’s a yuckis?” I don’t know, kid. I really don’t know.

Maintaining a poker face can be difficult at times; especially when they volunteer things like “Oh! Cindy can’t come to class today, because she’s in New Hamster.” This place must also be somewhere near Pepsicola, Florida, a magical place we’ve also heard of.

I do appreciate these insightful outbursts. Sometimes, they’re really profound things like: “Look! I have two arms! I’m so cool!” 

I have one little one that likes to dismiss her father in a not so subtle way each time he drops her off at class by loudly shouting “Bye! Bye Dad. BYE!!!!! BYE!!!!” until he leaves the room. We guess that he can’t quite take the hint.

And, on that note, BYE!!


Life Lately

Hi all!

I was scrolling through the camera roll on my phone the other day and suddenly realized that I had accumulated a number of memes, all with a bit of a theme. It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Life Lately” post on Watch Me Juggle, so here goes nothing!


Like most people, I spend at least half of my time in front of some sort of little screen, which can be exhausting at times, to say the least. Sometimes it’s for work, sometimes it’s for fun, but I feel like I’m plugged in at all times. I’m most definitely one of those people who likes to have background noise, which has somehow turned into having one or more devices running at any given time- TV, laptop, iPhone, sometimes all three. I recently stumbled across Tony Schwartz’s article in the New York Times that talks about our “addiction to distraction,” and suddenly feel much less like a crazy person. Apparently, spending so much time online and connected to social media can legitimately unbalance you. Are any of you plagued by this same need for distraction? It can suck, sometimes.


Photo c/o

Going forward, I’m hoping to unplug a bit more. Read more. Do more yoga.

I’d like to say that I’m adept at juggling (hence the blog name, ha!) but a lot of the time, I feel as if I fail epically. I honestly enjoy being busy, but sometimes I realize I busy myself with total nonsense, rather than things of quality. In those moments when I find myself with nothing to do, rather than enjoy, I feel the urge to find more things to juggle. You know…Watch Me Stare at-my-phone-do-dishes-make-coffee-perfect-my-eyeliner-technique-while-mentally-deciding-what-else-needs-doing-dance-around….


For example, most normal humans have an alarm set to wake them up in the mornings, yes? Well, I recently had to set an alarm for myself as a reminder to go to sleep. Somehow, 10:45pm hits each night and I suddenly get the urge to watch every video ever created on Youtube, while spontaneously planking in my living room, baking cookies, and dancing to trap music like it’s not a Tuesday night. I usually wake up feeling like death the next day- big surprise. You think I would figure it out, but your guess is as good as mine. Thank goodness for the Nespresso.

In other news, I seem to have become an utter magnet for odd behavior as of late. Let’s call it confused serendipity. Running into people I haven’t seen in ages, ridiculous emails at work, general weirdness you name it. Just today, I received a “receipt” in my inbox for a supposed purchase that was paid for in….wait for it…$675 in meatballs. I’m sorry: WHAT?! How is this happening?!

It’s the odds of strange things like this happening in succession, and to me in particular, that is baffling. I couldn’t make some of this stuff up if I tried. Luckily, I have side-eye Chloe, who’s reaction is appropriate for all occasions:

FullSizeRender (1)

Please make it stop, kthanks.

On a more positive note, I have been able to see quite a bit of the ballet this season, and have been enjoying it immensely. I’m hoping it kick-starts what feels like my rather sluggish creativity. Although, after last night’s performance, I did have a dream that one of the San Francisco Ballet dancers invited me to a swanky party, and then called me “chubby.” Not exactly morale-boosting.


Oddly enough, it helps to have some great people around that feel the same way about things. I feel as if I’m very much at an age where, if things are going differently from the way you planned them, you don’t advertise it. But, it’s reassuring to know that the people I’m close to can tell me that they’re sometimes unsure of things, or have equally bad days and can commiserate with my attempts at positivity (see above!). I recently went out dancing with a few of my girlfriends for the first time in a long time, and had so much fun- yelling along to the lyrics of the songs, laughing, meeting new people. Life may never be totally perfect, but I’m glad I am where I am, knowing nothing is ever set in stone, and doing whatever makes me genuinely happy is tantamount to living well.

In the meantime, you can always make yourself a cocktail while you get it together.



The Consolation Prize

Hello all!

consolation prize

(Can you tell I’ve been really into gifs lately? Who doesn’t like GIFs? Yes, Eva, welcome to the 21st century…)

Today, I wanted to share with you about a little life phenomenon I’ve come to appreciate lately. I call it the “consolation prize.” Yes, it’s exactly like what it sounds like.

I came to appreciate the existence of the consolation prize years ago; I was out to sushi with a girlfriend of mine, and something specific on the menu caught my eye. I used to never order seaweed salad, well, just because I always thought pure seaweed was a surefire way to trigger my gag-reflex if I’ve ever heard of it. But, I had somehow come to really enjoy it. A man I had dated once had insisted on ordering it whenever we went out for Japanese food. I don’t think I would have ever tried it of my own volition had it not been for him. It’s delicious. That being said, I made the crack to my friend that if there was one positive thing that had come from my previous relationship it was my awareness of the existence of seaweed salad.

It’s sort of sad to say, but when we emerge from tough situations, whether it be a less-than ideal job or partner, sometimes all we can do is try to find a little bit of the silver lining. This might not happen overnight, hell, when I left my first “real” desk job, I had a difficult time finding the prize. I felt a little bit like I had given up, that I had flunked out of adult-land, knowing that a rigorous desk job in a corporate setting wasn’t really for me. Oddly enough, I came away  from that job with better relationship with my father. Being at the same company, in vastly different departments, he would walk by my desk, find me buried in paperwork, and insist on taking me to lunch. We weren’t speaking very much at the time, and rarely saw each other outside of work, but, after a year, our conversation became a lot more than just about the weather. In a strange way, we bonded over work. The same thing goes with most relationships that don’t work out the way you hope they will. Some of the best things that have come out of some of my dating mishaps were wonderful restaurants, the discovery of new neighborhoods, or a really great pair of shoes. I try not to let how I’ve come about these things color my opinion of them.

The boss lady always tells me that much of your quality of life, of who you are as a person, has to do with how you deal with disappointment. Sure, I’m not going to tell you that I’ve never locked myself inside, drank a ton of champagne, and spent some time lying face down on the floor. A lot of things in life straight up suck. They suck, and there’s not very much you can do about it. I think people don’t tell you this often, but sometimes it’s true. However, you can pick yourself up, and find yourself with that consolation prize. You can change your bad experience into a decent, maybe even good one.

You can do it!


#Missadventure: A Love Story

Hello all!

I’m going to have a Cathy-comic moment and say “Ack!” It’s been altogether too long since I’ve posted on Watch Me Juggle. You see, I mentally blog everyday, it’s just the booting up the ancient laptop part that seems to scare me. Since I spend so much time in front of a computer at work, I’ve somehow developed some sort of odd fear that my work will jump out at me the minute I open up my computer at home. Completely irrational, I know, this isn’t Poltergeist. That’s just my not-really-an-excuse excuse.


Despite my recent aversion to the computer, I seem to have developed the pesky habit of staring at my phone into the wee hours of the morning, when I’m supposed to be sleeping. I usually regret this, but, just the other day, I discovered something amazing. Kate Spade, in a stroke of marketing genius, has released a series of short films featuring Anna Kendrick, all with the hashtag “Missadventure.” I’ve fully fallen in love with these spots, and have maybe watched them each four or five times at least. Adventure #1 features Kendrick, toting a mini Christmas tree and scores of shopping bags, locked out of her New York brownstone. She ends up taking selfies, drinking champagne on her stoop, and being generally embarrassing until inevitably rescuing herself.

Adventure #2 depicts an LA getaway, where she is mistaken for a meditation guru to the starts. Hilarity ensues. Best guided mediation I’ve heard in a long time: “We are among the clouds, and we look down and we see our feet….and our super cute shoes.”

The latest, Adventure #3, a decked-out Kendrick (complete with purse dog, Milos) is stood up for a date at the Russian Tea room. Again, while only minimally embarrassing herself, she manages to find even better company- not just in her fabulous, glittery gnome shaped purse. “#DatingMyPurse…is that funny? Or just worrying?” You can even shop the looks seen in each film here.

I could go on and on about how much these little ads resonate with me. I’ve shared them with countless people. They’re hilarious, and altogether a little bit too true. (“He sent me a fish emoji..? Is that a metaphor for something?” ) There’s really just something lovable about #missadventure; we’ve tried in the past to categorize this trait as “adorkable,” but this is something a bit more. Anna Kendrick portrays the quintessential girl on the go, who might be a little quirky, but is also more than capable and unabashed at who she is. This pays off for her, and I’m sure legions of women, both young and old, can somehow relate to the way she navigates her life’s challenges. Sometimes, it feels right to do something as ridiculous as having a conversation with your purse and/or dog, ordering just dessert, or dressing up in all your new purchases all at once. It certainly helps that she looks fabulous doing it. Good job, Kate Spade, good job. Now…where can I buy that ridiculous gnome purse?


Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Hello dear readers!

Longtime no…write? As usual, I’ve been off on adventures, this time to the single’s motherland: Las Vegas. Don’t worry, the “what happens in Vegas” rules don’t apply in this case- stay tuned for all the reasons I enjoy visiting Sin City so much. And, in case you were wondering, Yes, it was really hot out there.

Today, I was inspired to write for a number of different reasons. When I get back from vacation, regardless of where I’m going, I tend to get a bit introspective about life, in general. Relaxing and thinking about the day’s interactions also helps pass up the otherwise tedious commute hours. But, what primarily got the wheels turning was a conversation I had with one of my girlfriends today. Now, I can only speak from experience, but there seems to be an epidemic of bright, talented young women out there who are self-deprecating to a fault. Disparaging might be a better word for it. I consider myself very lucky to have such wonderful friends, they’re all ladies that I admire, and they have qualities that I aspire to embody. It completely baffles me when they turn around and fixate on the few things they dislike about themselves, or compare themselves to other people. Of course, being on the outside, it’s easy for me to tell them that they’re absolutely crazy, that they have so much to be proud of and that the people in their lives think so highly of them. It’s interesting that our friends almost always, in so many words, think we’re selling ourselves short.


I’m going to go ahead and throw this piece of advice out there:

Don’t sell yourself short. Period.

Surprise, surprise, like most pieces of “helpful” advice, this is easier said than done. Sometimes, you even need to stand up for yourself a little bit, like Karen Walker over here:



I had a little bump in the road a while back, and no one was more surprised than me when I, quite literally stood up for myself and announced: “Um, wait. I’m amazing!” As women, we’re told not to brag, not to tell people what to do, or how it is, but when did this manifest into sabotaging our own self-confidence? Just because a relationship or job isn’t the best for us, doesn’t mean that there’s something fundamentally wrong with us. It takes quite a bit of self-assessment to figure this out, and that certainly isn’t easy. It’s possible, though. Like I’ve said before, there will always be things in our lives that we will want to “upgrade,” or paths we occasionally wish we had taken. But, sometimes we need to stand up for ourselves, because no one else can really do it for us.


10 Adult Things I Did This Week

Hello all!


Image c/o all the Instagram accounts ever.

Today, I’m going to start a rather obviously titled segment, “Adult Things I Did This Week.” Because, let’s face it, us 20-somethings need a little validation every-once-in-a-while, being Gen-Y and all. So, I’ve gone off the deep end and decided to make a list. Once started, I quickly realized how utterly mundane this list was going to be, but hey! Props to all of you adults out there that make these things look easy. My students all think that being a grown-up is all eating ice cream for dinner, but this stuff is hard. You can only eat so much ice cream for dinner before you start feeling really sick. Trust me, I know…


1. I got a parking ticket. Your welcome for my generous contribution, City of Oakland. I can’t believe you wrote me a ticket for parking in a dirt patch that’s designated for “cleaning.” Ah, irony.

2. I chatted with my neighbor! I’m getting to know my neighbor across the hall, and it’s genuinely nice.

3. I learned about IRA’s. Yikes. That’s scary sounding stuff, right? But, I’m down for anything that’s considered an investment and makes the IRS not mad at me.

4. I bought work supplies. And, seeing as my work involves a lot of jumping around, “supplies” pretty much consists of ibuprofen and/or ice.

5. I went to bed at a decent hour! Those of you who work long or odd hours perhaps know how challenging this can be. I find myself dawdling around my apartment listening to horrible trap music all too often on a Wednesday night. Yes, this is totally embarrassing, but I know I can’t be the only one that does it…!

6. I corrected my text grammar. I’m not really that proud of this one. It’s really hard to try to impress someone when you need to send a follow-up text with an “Oops! *yours.” Because who the hell thinks there is a word spelled your’s?! Mortifying. Come to think of it, I could probably lump this into the “Non-Adult Behavior” category. I blame allergies for the stupidity.

7. I put my foot down. This one actually seems like it doesn’t belong on this list at first, but I think it’s important to have boundaries. Because sometimes all you really want (and need to do) on a Friday night is sit at home and do whatever it is that floats your boat. Like watch re-runs and make cookies. Am adult!

9. I catch up on NPR headlines on my commute. I know, you’re probably thinking “Dear God, that sounds dull,” commuting and depressing news? But, NPR truly has something to pique everyone’s interests. Remember how NPR’s Serial podcast was all anyone could talk about for a while? There’s some fascinating stuff there.


10. I met with my accountant, got my taxes done, and didn’t cry! I was actually relieved when I left his office. I swear, as a person who has numbers-induced anxiety, accountants are a gift to humanity. It’s like magic, you give them a pile of receipts and they give you complete tax forms.

Next time, I’ll probably slap together a contrasting list of the 382 “Non-adult” things I’ve done lately. For everyone one thing on the above list, I have at least 10 ridiculous things to counteract them. After all, you’re only as young as you feel!


Five Things

Hello everyone, and Happy Wednesday.

Five Things is back! This week features lots of dessert, some inspiration, and a few giggles. You know, the usual. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but it’s important to remember all the little things that make you happy. It’s my #1 cure for any and all anxiety life might chuck at you. When I’m having a bad day, for example, I like to curl up at home and watch Golden Girls reruns. Yes, that’s right. I am a frequent Hallmark channel-watcher. Top this off with some take-out comfort food and maybe a bubble bath. Even better, watch re-runs in the bath. I do that too. Don’t judge me- we all have our things!

Anyway, first off is a fabulous pumpkin flan that I had for dessert last week. Imagine rich, crust-less pumpkin pie. YUM!


{Please forgive the grainy photo- it was all that ambient lighting in the restaurant!}


{The view from the Starlight Room, post all-night dancing. Mark of a good night.}


{I was feeling a little crafty the other day, so I whipped up a little cinnamon crumb coffee cafe. I literally had cake for breakfast multiple times in the week.}


{Love….I probably should have picked this up from the Urban Outfitters book section, to be quite honest.}

and lastly, if any of you remember Jimmy Kimmel’s past holiday pranks, here’s this year’s Halloween prank.


{Both horrifying and hilarious at the same time. Ah, the joy of children.}

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far!


A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Little Eva,



It’s me: Adult Eva, from the future. (Could this get weirder? I think not. Just go with me on this…)

I may be 22 years older than you, but I’m still figuring things out. Life can be all sorts of confusing, and there’s always some crazy new thing that gets thrown at you.  I’m not saying that I haven’t picked up a few gems of wisdom along the way. So, here are some tidbits of advice that might help you out:

  • Half your head is bangs. Get a trained professional to fix this ASAP.
  • While very endearing, red and pink are not quite the same color. You’ll figure this out eventually.
  • Always, always, always wear shorts under your dress. Those metal slides will burn your butt something awful.
  • I know you’re coming right out of the 80’s, but try to wear some real pants every-once-in-a-while. You’ll have your whole adulthood to live in Lululemon leggings. Amazing, right?
  • There’s nothing scary under the bed or in the closet, but it doesn’t hurt to check.
  • Sliding on parquet flooring in your tights is really fun- just say no. Loosing teeth is a really big hassle.
  • Yes, some bushes have berries. No, it doesn’t mean you should eat them. Save your mother the freak-outs please.
  • And speaking of freak-outs, stop taking your emotional cues from adults. They’re not the end-all-be-all, and can overreact at times. If anyone hasn’t told you this yet: everything is going to be fine.
  • Also…pennies. Quit eating pennies. It’s not attractive.

Remember that you’re a good kid, no matter how hard other people might be on you, and quit being hard on yourself. You’re a brave and spunky little person, and you should be proud of it. Also, good job on the good grades and the being nice to people. One day you’ll look back at your younger self, full of nostalgia, and be happy with the way things went. So, enjoy!