Hello all!

 Yours truly has had a new catchphrase lately, and, although those of you who know me in real life might have an inkling, I bet you can’t guess what it is.



Aka: Thumbs down. Do not pass ‘Go.’ Do not collect $200. 

I find myself saying this both in my head and out loud to other people more often than not. The great thing is, people of any age, race, or socioeconomic background can use “Next.” Unfortunately, there are plenty of moments when this phrase is more than appropriate. For example:

That guy you’ve been seeing can’t seem to pick up the phone to call you back? Unless both his arms are broken: NEXT. 

(The same goes for those men who can’t be bothered to open a door when you’re struggling with bags, whose eyes glaze over when you’re speaking, or those who tell you to make them a sandwich. NEXT. There are 3.4 billion of them out there, ladies.)

Those “friends” you have at school that can’t find one positive thing to say about you, but continue to grace you with their presence? It’s time for you to say: NEXT. 

Your boss pass over you for that well deserved promotion again, even though all the men in your company seem to be conveniently climbing the ranks?  NEXT. 

Everyone has that crazy/bigoted/drunk relative that seems to have all the opinions, none of them good. Tired of hearing their offensive ranting? NEXT.

That person in your life who insists that whatever you’re saying or doing is wrong, and can’t seem to listen to reason? Unfortunately, we’ve all been there at some point or another. Hold your head up high, keep calm and NEXT.

That stylist that gave you the horrible haircut? NEXT. The doctor that seemed a little too high-and-mighty? NEXT. It even works with that annoying voice in your head that tells you you’re not pretty/smart/successful enough.  Say NEXT. 

Once you start applying “Next” to your life, you’ll be amazed at how much easier the little things are to let go. You see, there’s no reason in the world why you need to voluntarily subject yourself to negative people or things. Of course, some situations are unavoidable, but now you’ll have a convenient escape plan should you find yourself in them more than once. As cliché as it is, life is much too short to spend time dwelling on the things that make you unhappy. More often than not, these are also the things that you can’t control. In this respect, there’s something wonderfully proactive about “Next;” you get to take charge, you make all the decisions. It’s really that simple (and also that complicated). So, take the time and flex your muscles at the situations that bother you. Give ’em a big thumbs down, tell them to take a hike, because you have much, much better things to do.


Saying ‘Yes,’ A Story in Gifs

Hello all!

Things have finally slowed down a bit in the Watch Me Juggle house. And by slowed down, I actually mean come to a dead stop. Anyone else ever experience that dip in motivation that seems to happen after really busy periods in your life, like the holidays or peak times at work? Suddenly, your whole life feels like a Sunday evening, slightly lethargic and underwhelming. The thing is, when you’re used to running around like the energizer bunny, it’s really hard to take that much needed break. As much as I know it’s essential to have some scheduled down time, I have the hardest time just…relaxing. For those fellow “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fanatics out there, you might call this having the “mean reds.” I, quite literally, have to force myself to stay in and just have some time alone in my apartment.


You would think that sitting down and catching up on your favorite tv series, having some quiet time, or folding some warm laundry wouldn’t be so difficult to get into, but for some reason it is. We’ve also been having less-than-stellar weather here in the Bay Area as of late, so that certainly doesn’t help things. It’s my belief that everyone needs this kind of time to recharge, but, when I finally get the time to do it, I don’t really want to. There’s both a literal and figurative cloud hanging over my head, and it’s endlessly frustrating.


To be totally honest, when I’m left alone for too long, things tend to get really weird fast. I’m talking full-blown making faces at myself in the bathroom mirror, dancing around, dismantling my closet, unnecessary cake-baking shenanigans.


I like to think my being candidly embarrassing is somehow endearing (at least I hope so). Also, the other day I might have just eaten lemon ice cream for multiple meals. Luckily, I have my lovely little apartment to do all this embarrassing stuff in, where no one can see me.

icecreamgifYes, you…stop judging me with your eyes. I can be a mess in my own home if I want to be.

Fundamentally, I’m kind of a quirky person, I’ve even dedicated whole blog posts to my quirks. I’m not sure if this quirkiness helps or harms my designated alone time, but I guess it does make stuff a little more interesting. What’s the point of today’s post? I’m not entirely sure. I’m just hoping that in sharing, maybe one of you out there feels a little less strange about “saying yes” to staying in, and spending time alone, even though it might not necessarily be the easiest thing. You’re better for it.


Because I’m a Lady…

Hello all!

Today’s post is going to be on the rather rambly side, which is probably not that much of a surprise to many of you, dear readers. I’m sure many of you internet dwellers can relate to the ever-popular lists, like the ones you find all over Buzzfeed? You know, things like “29 Important Lessons Jane Austen Taught You About Love,” or “21 London Street Foods You Must Try.” One of my recent favorites has to be “19 Inanimate Objects That Perfectly Sum Up Your Hangover.” Who has time to think of this stuff? Oh, wait, that’s right people like me….nevermind.

Anyway, the boss lady likes to occasionally send me funny or inspirational little emails, two of which found their way to my inbox this morning. While obstinately insisting on staying in bed, I had some time to read them and was very much inspired. One that particularly struck me came from James Michael Sama’s blog, and detailed the “12 Things You Should Expect When Dating a Strong Woman.” Unlike many similar articles I’ve read, this one seemed, well, realistic. Rather than focusing on over-arching generalizations, everything was refreshingly relatable. In a nutshell: no indecisiveness, flakiness, or disrespect will be tolerated. Of course, you would hope that most of these things would be a given, however, I have all too often found otherwise. I decided that I would elaborate with a few of my own personal, albeit slightly whimsical “strong woman” characteristics:

  • I’m a lady and I’m true to my word. If I’ve given you my word on something or made plans with you, I’m following through with it. Hence, last-minute cancellations are not acceptable.
  • I will continually expect the best from people (though sometimes to my own detriment). The people I have in my life reinforce this expectation, they’re all pretty great.
  • I may walk fast, with my large handbag bashing into you, but I still want you to hold my hand. A true gentleman will also always stand on the side of traffic. This is not difficult.
  • I’m a grown woman. I can pump my own gas, carry my own groceries, and assemble my own furniture. However, this does not mean that I do not appreciate someone who can lend a helping hand.
  • I don’t have much to hide. Sure, everyone has their insecurities, but if my face without makeup perturbs you, look elsewhere. I’m comfortable with myself and like to keep similar company.
  • I think it was Malcolm Forbes who said that “you can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” How you treat the wait staff, children, and the elderly says a lot about you. Rudeness and sullenness is never attractive.
  • I’m not impressed by material things, name-dropping, etc. I find integrity, passion, and kindness to be the most admirable qualities in a person.

These are, perhaps, just the tip of the iceberg. Ladies, don’t let anyone make you feel badly about having your standards. Even better, if you stick to them, you’ll find yourself surrounded with the kind of people that you really want to be with.

And, because I’m so much of a lady, of course I’ll have to end today’s post with the necessary Karen Walker gif:





Secret Single Behavior

Hello everyone!

If any of you, dear readers, have been hanging around Watch Me Juggle for long, you’ll recall my mentioning some of my more embarrassing habits. Like talking to myself and using my blowdryer in lieu of an iron/microwave. So, today I decided it was time to write a very long overdue “Secret Single Behavior” post. You know, your “SSB?” It was featured in an infamous episode of “Sex and the City,” and has even made it all the way to Urban Dictionary; “potentially embarrassing (or disastrous) if discovered” behavior. I was inspired earlier by the lovely Helene in Between, who listed it in her recent Spring Blog Post Ideas. If a legitimate blogger lists it as a thing, I have to do it, right?

Of course, no 20-something blog is complete without some good gifs.


…Sometimes I put on all the lipsticks I own, just to see what they would look like before wiping them off and leaving the house with just chapstick on…

…I eat sushi in bed. Yeah, don’t judge me. Chopsticks and I work well together, and sushi’s relatively healthy. It’s like an indoor picnic…

…Whenever I go grocery shopping, I open a bag of whatever I just bought, keep it on my lap, and snack as I’m driving home. Whatever, I do what I want…

beyonce gif

…Sometimes, I dim all the lights in my house and dance around to Beyonce/Rihanna/Iggy Azalea. Or classical music, because ballet…you know…

…I watch Youtube beauty tutorials, vlogs, and reruns of Nick At Nite shows in the bathtub…

…I watch more Tv Land/Hallmark channel shows than is acceptable for someone my age…

…I fantasy online shop. Translation, everything and anything I see goes into my shopping cart, but I’m too lazy to get up, get my credit card, and punch in the numbers. Luckily…


Whatever floats your boat, bakes your cake, lights your candle… you should be able to do it without worrying about whether or not it’s potentially embarrassing, or silly. Just my two cents.


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…The Hilarity Continues

Happy Friday eve everyone!


In the spirit of #TBT, I’ve decided to post the above photo including Dance Arts Project’s very own Miss Julia. 

Remember when I promised a Part III of my “Kids are Hilarious” post? Well, it’s finally here! I’ve been trying to keep track of all the ridiculous things I hear on an almost daily basis while teaching class. They’re awfully amusing, those young people. Truth be told, there’s been a lot more physical comedy going on than anything. For example, I have one five-year-old student in particular that loves to lick the metal barres after warm up. I mean, walking with her tongue dragging along all ten feet of the barre. Ew and why?! I’ve now busted out the Clorox wipes more than I would like to admit.

Another unforgettably comedic moment happened a few months back, conveniently during one of two weeks that parents are permitted to observe class. One of my littlest students decided it would be a good idea to get, ahem, handsy with my teenage assistant. She also decided to narrate while poking her: “Boobies. Boobies. BOOBIES!” Luckily, my demonstrator has a great sense of humor, and found this about as amusing as I did.  Needless to say, the little girls’ parents were mortified.

I’ve found that the most humorous things are often totally spontaneous, and, on occasion, volunteered.

“I broke my leg two days ago, and had to get crutches, but now I’m better.” Well, okay then. We’re all glad your broken leg healed quickly enough for you to come to dance class.

“Oh, has anyone read the story of The Mermaid Dance?” I asked one day. “No, but I have contact lenses.” From the mouth of a seven-year-old.

“Miss Eva, I want to be an entomologist!” I wasn’t not sure how we got on the subject of careers, but I was impressed a six-year-old knew what an entomologist was. She then followed up with “I’m gonna study rolly-pollies!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it’s not all rolly-pollies out there.

I also enjoy the random observations from my students as to how difficult ballet actually is. It’s not all sugar-plumming about, you know. Or, as one student put it:

“Basically, it’s really hard to point your shoe.” That it is. That it is. I always tell them, if ballet was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Occasionally, I try to engage with them on subjects outside of dance. If we have the time, I like to chat about everything and anything. Today, I asked my students to tell me about one exciting thing they did at school. Many shared stories about their trips to the library, or their fun music classes, and then one replied, “No…nothing exciting. It’s school. My favorite subject’s recess.” Well, okay then.

They sometimes like to ask me about my life as well. These questions usually have to do with my age or personal life, “Miss Eva, are you someone’s Mom?” This was asked so earnestly from one of my little ones- she seemed so sweetly convinced that one of her classmates could have belonged to me.

“Miss Eva, do you have an Instagram? You look like the kind of person that would have an Instagram…” I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean, but I’ll take it as the pre-teen version of a compliment…?

And, lastly, one of my very favorite recent quotes comes from one of the many (yes, many!) little boys in our Monday class. He’s four, adorable, and fully aware of it. Whenever someone exits the studio, he chimes in with the age-old “See ya later, alligator!” catch-phrase. Except, one day, he couldn’t get it quite right:

“See ya later, alligator! After a while….croca-gator.” 

Have a great long weekend everyone!



80% Sass, and a little Coffee

Hello everyone!

Sass, snark, smart-assedness (yes, that’s a word I made up, thank-you-very-much), those are just a few words that describe Anne Taintor. If her name doesn’t sound too familiar to you, don’t worry. You’ve probably seen her vintage-style art out and about.    A wall in my apartment is sporting an Anne Taintor calender, currently turned to a quote “following the ‘if you can’t say something nice’ rule proved to be more challenging than she anticipated.” I sometimes take my morning coffee in a “Martinis: they’re not just for breakfast” mug, which occasionally makes its way to class, and is slightly embarrassing. You may also know her from this news story that happened a while back, where a woman sued when her yearbook photo appeared on a flask decades later.  I found the whole thing funny, but I’m guessing we do not share a similar sense of humor.

There’s just something about her art that just tickles me- I think it’s the combination of oh-so-proper vintage prints and the unrestrained sarcasm. I would like to think that the majority of the people pictured in her prints would relate to their newly appointed captions, even if they weren’t quite allowed to say them at the time. Her artwork covers a variety of relatable topics, such as



My justification is not if, it’s when. Life is short, buy the shoes, and all that jazz. Remember those studded stilettos I bought a while back? Wrote about it here. Those are my ass-kicking shoes, and I think it’s important that every woman have a pair. They’ve recently come back into stock in a nude/white patent and I’m horribly tempted to  buy them.



Isn’t that always the case? Quite unfortunate, really. This image makes me laugh- ladies, I’m sure that most of you out in the dating world have been here at some point or another. I pride myself in being fundamentally optimistic, even when it defies logic. But, if I have to go on one more mediocre date this next month, I’m just going to get a dog. On the bright side, it’s done wonders for my conversational skills, and I’ve eaten some pretty incredible meals.



This has become my mental M.O as of lately. Being responsible and all, I’ve found myself with a latte in hand, more often than not. That counts, right?



With all the classes I’ve been teaching, I’ve been admittedly putting off the yoga classes I’ve mentally scheduled for re-runs of “The Royals.” It’s basically a ridiculous, thinly veiled British soap opera, but I love it. Stick a pint of ice cream in my hands and I’m a 20-something manifestation of Bridget Jones. “I choose vodka…and Chaka Khan.”


Girls Night, San Diego Edition

Hello all!

It’s been exactly a month since I’ve seen some of my best girlfriends. The general consensus is that that’s much too long of a time, but, seeing as we live across four different states, hundreds of miles apart, we must make do.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we like to have full-scale reunions every year-or-so, and this last one was quite memorable. A different kind of memorable from our last one, where seven of us all piled onto the floor of my studio apartment, but I digress.


Out and about, we joke that we constantly photograph like a sorority. Things have changed a bit over the years, exactly half of us are married, and there are children and post-graduate studies, but we’re still a good-looking group. (Toot too! Yes, that’s some unabashed honking my own horn.)

The weekend wasn’t nearly long enough, but we managed to cram quite a bit in. Walks around Little Italy, good food, a farmer’s market, some sailing, hot-tubbing, long conversations, and, of course, dancing. I’m proud to say we were that big group of girls “standing in a circle around our shoes and our pockets” positively screaming the lyrics of every song in each other’s faces. Yes, that includes “Get Low,” of course.



We had a great view of the city from the condo we were staying in. It allowed for this little bit of photographic magic to happen:


My friend Kelsey’s parents happened to live in another high-rise condominium complex across the way, so we coordinated with them to take a picture of us all standing out on the balcony one day. My fear of heights was tested with this one, but it was so worth it!


Little Italy’s colorful Saturday morning farmer’s market on a Saturday morning. I was surprised at how big it was! Really worth a visit, if you’re ever in the area over the weekend, dear readers.


Colorful friends to go with the colorful market! My friend Devyn has introduced me to Lilly Pulitzer’s fantastic prints, all with their own whimsical names. I’ve been coveting a number of dresses online, but I’ve got my eyes peeled for this fun leopard print!



USS Midway. Not pictured are the people lunching on the stern of the ship. Convenient place for a cafe, I must say.

We teetered from the trolley to the infamous Gaslamp district in our heels on Saturday night.


Shiny, happy people at the rooftop bar at the W Hotel.

It’s important to make time for those worthwhile people in your life. Sure, the distance can be tricky, but it’s nothing a little G-chat and coordination can’t solve. It took us a bit of time to put this trip together, but it was well worth it, and couldn’t have come at a better time. Spending time with friends can be rejuvenating in so many ways. Just being in the same room as these ladies makes me feel better about everyday worries. You know, the things that all of us are preoccupied with on a daily basis. When you find people that can make you forget your troubles, don’t let them go anywhere. Cross an ocean for them, if you have to. They’re very much worth it. If you’re reading this ladies, until next time!


10 Adult Things I Did This Week

Hello all!


Image c/o all the Instagram accounts ever.

Today, I’m going to start a rather obviously titled segment, “Adult Things I Did This Week.” Because, let’s face it, us 20-somethings need a little validation every-once-in-a-while, being Gen-Y and all. So, I’ve gone off the deep end and decided to make a list. Once started, I quickly realized how utterly mundane this list was going to be, but hey! Props to all of you adults out there that make these things look easy. My students all think that being a grown-up is all eating ice cream for dinner, but this stuff is hard. You can only eat so much ice cream for dinner before you start feeling really sick. Trust me, I know…


1. I got a parking ticket. Your welcome for my generous contribution, City of Oakland. I can’t believe you wrote me a ticket for parking in a dirt patch that’s designated for “cleaning.” Ah, irony.

2. I chatted with my neighbor! I’m getting to know my neighbor across the hall, and it’s genuinely nice.

3. I learned about IRA’s. Yikes. That’s scary sounding stuff, right? But, I’m down for anything that’s considered an investment and makes the IRS not mad at me.

4. I bought work supplies. And, seeing as my work involves a lot of jumping around, “supplies” pretty much consists of ibuprofen and/or ice.

5. I went to bed at a decent hour! Those of you who work long or odd hours perhaps know how challenging this can be. I find myself dawdling around my apartment listening to horrible trap music all too often on a Wednesday night. Yes, this is totally embarrassing, but I know I can’t be the only one that does it…!

6. I corrected my text grammar. I’m not really that proud of this one. It’s really hard to try to impress someone when you need to send a follow-up text with an “Oops! *yours.” Because who the hell thinks there is a word spelled your’s?! Mortifying. Come to think of it, I could probably lump this into the “Non-Adult Behavior” category. I blame allergies for the stupidity.

7. I put my foot down. This one actually seems like it doesn’t belong on this list at first, but I think it’s important to have boundaries. Because sometimes all you really want (and need to do) on a Friday night is sit at home and do whatever it is that floats your boat. Like watch re-runs and make cookies. Am adult!

9. I catch up on NPR headlines on my commute. I know, you’re probably thinking “Dear God, that sounds dull,” commuting and depressing news? But, NPR truly has something to pique everyone’s interests. Remember how NPR’s Serial podcast was all anyone could talk about for a while? There’s some fascinating stuff there.


10. I met with my accountant, got my taxes done, and didn’t cry! I was actually relieved when I left his office. I swear, as a person who has numbers-induced anxiety, accountants are a gift to humanity. It’s like magic, you give them a pile of receipts and they give you complete tax forms.

Next time, I’ll probably slap together a contrasting list of the 382 “Non-adult” things I’ve done lately. For everyone one thing on the above list, I have at least 10 ridiculous things to counteract them. After all, you’re only as young as you feel!


I Can’t Even Can

Hello everyone!

How’s that daylight savings time treating you? I must say, my day was off to a rough start, but so worth the extra hour of sunshine in the evening. I joked that I was, what a friend of mine would call, “baby tired.” You know, the kind of tired that leaves you on the verge of tears for absolutely no reason? It’s often easily cured by a nap and a cup of tea in a quiet room. While I  didn’t have time for either of these, in the meantime, I’m doing s rather undignified: I’m typing this on my iPhone. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’m feeling less and less like a proper writer, but the words are coming nonetheless. My dear computer’s power cable decided to crap out on me, for lack of a better expression. But, on the bright side, I can now lay down and type simultaneously. Always a silver lining.

Today, I wanted to write something rather ramble-y, mostly inspired by this video:

Like most things that make you laugh out loud, it’s humor is entirely derived from the fact that it’s so true. The stereotypical millennial dialogue that’s peppered with “I can’t evens” and abused “literally,” to describe ever little distraction/injustice is all too common as of late. The blatant irony here is that the melodrama is almost never necessary, that there are, in fact, people who actually can’t. I have little patience with these fully capable people, and while we all tend to throw  ourselves a pity-party every once-in-a-while, it should never be this to this extent. It’s sometimes fun to point and laugh at the herbal ridiculous was of other people, but at what point does the narcissism just get sad? You spend your days telling people how you “literally can’t,” so what can you do, according to you? I read an interesting article today on NPR, addressing the fine line between someone having self-esteem and being narcissistic. I by no means have all the answers, far from it, but I think working with kids has made me think twice about these kinds of things. It’s strange how a lot of people I encounter vacillate between feeling as if they’re not enough, to a state where they can’t even be bothered. Myself included. While these extremes make life a little more interesting, I’m looking for something a bit better. Literally 🙂


Things to Do When You’re Bored

Hello everyone!



I was recently inspired by Youtube gal Nikki Phillippi for this next post. It’s rare that I find myself bored lately, yet, when it does happen, I’m always surprised that I have zero idea what to do with myself. When all your errands are done, and all your social obligations long over, I never know what I can do that’s both productive and…well…relaxing at the same time So, here are a few things that I like to do when I’m feeling a bit restless, or need a little pick-me-up.

…Bake. That’s right. Just bake whatever you feel like. Cookies, bread, cakes, that weirdly complicated shortbread recipe, just go for it. You’ll feel accomplished, your house will smell amazing, and you’ll have something delicious to eat…

…If you’re terribly girly, like me, give yourself an at-home manicure. Similarly, if you’re particularly coordinated, try doing a little nail art! You can find hundreds of simple tutorials online. If you’re not a DIY kinda gal, just go get them done.You deserve it…

…While I love reading, I sometimes find it hard to focus when I’m bored or feeling restless. Listening to audiobooks is a great alternative for those days where you just want to lay in bed and do nothing…

…Go thrifting! I’m very much guilty of doing this. If you’re not one for wandering about aimlessly while shopping, set your mind to something that you really need- anything from coffee mugs to a trench coat. It’s like a treasure hunt!….

…Go on a drive! I’m totally guilty of arbitrarily wanting to go visit an obscure coffee shop or restaurant, and making an entire trip out of it. Sometimes I’ll drive up to the North Bay just for a particular sandwich or into San Francisco for a doughnut. I enjoy getting to my destination as much as being there…

…Nest or rearrange furniture. There’s no better feeling than making progress on your space. I don’t really enjoy the process of cleaning up, but I do so love the end result…

…Call old friends to catch up! This is especially nice if you find yourself having a quite day, and in need of some good company…

The list goes on and on! What do you like to do in those moments of boredom?